Internships: The Best Way to Get a Foot in the Door

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There is no question that college is tough. Universities have challenging workloads and expect a lot from their students. The shift to online learning has also removed access to many resources students rely on to streamline their learning and ease their workload. All this means that you will feel a strong draw towards taking a break during summer.

Instead, try to find an internship. Research shows that relaxation is best had in short spurts. An internship is the best way to guarantee that you stand out among the competition. The state of the economy implies that jobs can be harder to get by the time you graduate. A solid internship could be what guarantees that you transition from the classroom to the office without too many complications along the way.

Internships Help To Prepare You

An internship is the best way to find out if you are on the right path. You might think your grades are good and you’re doing well. Yet, the expectations required of you from your school significantly differ from that of a recruiter.

Applying to a leading organization in your field, such as a well-known hotelier or a first-rate PR agency, is the fastest way to find out if you are a good candidate. Getting accepted means that you are on the right path and educating yourself effectively for your field. Getting rejected means that you need to apply yourself more.

It might also not be entirely about your grades. Not having any work experience during your college years will make many recruiters balk at hiring you.

Why Does Experience Matter?

There is a whole world of difference between the classroom and the workspace. A student who has no internships on their resume will be a high-risk hire for a company because they take more training and a longer period to adjust.

Students who have one or more internships already know what to expect in an office environment. They will have an understanding of the pace of work as well as have the skills to weather their many obligations. University classes have been long and involved, but they still require you to concentrate on one subject for a period. An internship will give you the real-world practice of applying your multiple skills and range of knowledge to multi-tasking.

An Internship Will Help to Refine Your Direction

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Every field has many sub-layers. It is possible to gain a holistic understanding of the field, but you will need to specialize to become an expert or a desirable resource. Doing an internship will help you to experience the different directions you could go in your field.

A business unit or an effective team does not contain a group of people who all do the same work. A team consists of people who bring their different strengths to the table. Experiencing this first hand will allow you to concentrate your college classes to give additional training for the specific business role you are interested in occupying.

Recruiters appreciate candidates who have gained work experience via internships. They will value a candidate who had the wherewithal to direct their studies according to their experience and interests. It will make it much easier to offer you a position and find the best fit for you in their teams.

An Opportunity to Find a Mentor

Internships are a great way to meet the people in your field and form connections to aid you in your work life. Networking is necessary for some fields to ensure that you get your work done well. Some people spend the entirety of their early work years to establish networking and make the right connections.

Use your internships as an avenue for finding a mentor who can advise and support you. This will ease your transition into your work life a great deal. Mentors are professionals who have the network and connections that you will need to have to succeed. If they see you as a good prospect to encourage, they will share their valuable connections with you. Being seen as the protege of a respected individual in the workplace and your field will open doors for you for greater success.

Once you are established and succeeding, show the proper appreciation to your mentor for easing your way. They do not have to help you. A mentor is someone who chooses to nurture a bright student because they see a better future for you as well as a potential ally if they ever need one. Understand that this is kindness and a business tactic, and learn everything you can from your mentor.

Begin polishing your resume and start asking the professors from your best classes for recommendation letters. They might be able to advise you on the best internships out there. Even if this will be your first internship experience, it is no reason to feel down.

It is not the number of internships that matter, but the quality of work and the enthusiasm with which you tackled the situations. This is what will impress your supervisors and what they will include in their evaluation reports. These reports are what the recruiters will use to form their judgment of your capability for the job.

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