Why Do You Never Feel Complete?

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It’s a rainy day, you hear the ambient sounds of raindrops taking over, and you take one long look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What have all these struggles and hardships in my life been for?”

Far too often do many of us find ourselves in this situation, having done so much and making plenty of progress toward our goals only to feel incomplete. It’s as if something deeply ingrained within our consciousness and very being is clouding our thoughts with the idea that everything was for naught.

Consequently, your average person will scoff this off as nothing more than a simple setback, trying to remedy it with more work to appeal to productivity. However, this strongly backfires as it fails to address the main issue: the emptiness.

Admittedly, it’s safe to say that most people have fallen victim to this sense of incompleteness and unfulfillment in their lives, most especially their careers, at least once or twice. But, let us be the one to tell you that this doesn’t spell the end of your journey. Instead, it’s life’s natural way of telling you to take a break from looking forward and start looking inward.

Pat Yourself On The Back

Advancing in our careers and putting in the effort to get a better life is commendable, but cut yourself some slack and experience the motions. Give yourself that long-deserved reward and loosen up a bit, because this feeling of emptiness is not impending doom, but is the need for change.

Sure, on paper, it might feel like there’s nothing else you can do, but the change you need is simple, and here’s where you can start:

#1 Slow Down

Number one, take a step back and slow down. While the world heavily appeals to the fast-paced lifestyle and squeezing out every bit of efficiency, humans are not robots, and we don’t run on rechargeable batteries.

Yes, you might be a young entrepreneur or small business owner trying to make it big, but understand that nothing happens overnight. Your progress won’t just suddenly disappear if you take a break.

Make some thinking space. For starters, you’ll want to create some breathing room. Your current schedule and work operations might be taking much of your time and stopping you from enjoying the other aspects of life. If you’re working in a team, scale down the operations a bit, and don’t take all the tasks yourself. And if you’re running a business, set up a security system and have a manager take over trivial matters off your to-do list.

Reflect on your progress. Socrates said it best that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Self-examination and reflection allow us to understand the value and purpose of our actions, so use that freed up time to reflect on where you are in your life and career.

#2 Do Something You Truly Enjoy

Sometimes, our lives revolve too much around our careers that it becomes the only defining feature. We become an empty shell and bar ourselves from the things we used to find comfort and happiness. Don’t let your work life become the only life, or you risk forgetting your true self. Spare some time and catch a moment to do something you genuinely enjoy.

  • Disconnect From Stress: One factor deeply associated with this feeling of incompleteness is stress. It keeps you from thinking straight and always puts you on edge, preparing for the next thing to come. Give your body the chance to disconnect and grant yourself peace of mind.
  • Spend Time With People That Matter: While playing games, reading a book, and exploring your hobbies are excellent options, choose activities that allow you to spend time with people that matter. When we are with people we can talk to, opening up and asking advice becomes second nature. You’ll be surprised at how much weight this removes off your shoulders when you get the chance to share.

#3 Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

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Lastly, when faced with failures or looking back on past moments of defeat, please don’t beat yourself up over them. Many of us move on with our lives, carrying the burden of setbacks, even when we are aware that they are crucial to finding success.

Come to terms with these moments and give yourself the chance to grow. And as a result, you’ll realize that they weren’t as bad as you pegged them to be.

There’s More To Life Than We Perceive

Our modern world often gives the impression that life is slipping from our very grasps, but don’t let yourself be fooled. While the naked eye can see many things, there’s more in this life than we actually know. And most of the time, all it takes to fill that emptiness is getting to know yourself just a little better.

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