Landscaping Trends to Incorporate Into Your Landscaping Business

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As people spend more time indoors to stay safe, the value of a polished outdoor space at home has never been greater. A well-manicured yard brings with it plenty of health benefits — from dealing with boredom to a constant supply of clean, fresh air. Because of this, people are now on the lookout for a trusted landscaper to ensure that their yard is neat and tidy. With the new normal comes new trends to satisfy unique demands in the field of landscaping.

If you want to keep up with the times, here are some trends to keep an eye out for and incorporate into your landscaping business.

Sustainability and green practices

Conscious consumerism is quickly gaining momentum across all industries, and the field of landscaping is no different. You might think that, of all things, landscaping would be sustainable, but certain products and processes used aren’t very environmentally-friendly. There are plenty of sustainable and green practices you can incorporate into your services such as grass cycling, water conservation, using reclaimed water, and using organic pest control and fertilizers.

Rooftop gardens and vertical elements

Just because a prospective client doesn’t have a yard, doesn’t mean they won’t need your services. As more areas in the country become developed, more people are turning their limited urban spaces into green spaces by building rooftop gardens and making use of vertical space through vertical gardening.

Strategic lighting

Homeowners are now trying to make the most of their outdoor spaces, even until the late hours of the evening. Thus, they need strategic lighting solutions that’ll meet these specific needs. Landscape lighting should accent a manicured yard, illuminate paths, and provide safety and security. You can also offer eco-friendly and budget-friendly lighting solutions — like solar-powered and LED lighting — which takes advantage of the conscious consumerism trend.

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Low maintenance lawns

As people try to be more budget-conscious during these uncertain times, they may want to move away from landscapes that require them to spend on constant maintenance. This includes opting for rock landscaping and artificial turf, both of which are not as dependent on water as natural landscapes. These are also geared towards clients looking for allergy-friendly or pet-friendly alternatives.

Sophisticated irrigation solutions

More people are looking for ways to tend to their yards at the touch of the button on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. High-tech irrigation systems are making it much easier for homeowners to sufficiently water their lawns without difficulty.

Minimalist and functional design

Simple and minimalist landscaping is another way to keep yards low-maintenance while still providing visual splendor, such as zen gardens and rock gardens. Homeowners are now on the lookout for streamlined and elegant designs that prioritize function over form.

Virtual landscaping

Virtual landscaping allows you to expedite the consultation process while also maintaining your clients’ safety in the new normal. It also helps save your business time and money since you can plan all your designs digitally before you set out to do it.

These trends will be dominating the landscaping industry in the next few months. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you should consider incorporating a few of them into your landscaping business so you can satisfy the needs and demands of your clients.

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