The Best Learning Tools For High School Students

As technology continues to become the 'norm' and a vital part of high school education, educators and parents must provide the most appropriate learning tools to benefit students — teaching and preparing them for success in high school and beyond.

When looking for high school students' learning tools, you need to find apps or platforms that are educational, functional, easy, and fun. Whether you're looking to help your students excel in math class or your children excel in their piano lessons — getting the right app can help.

The following learning tools and apps are perfect for high school students, helping them study, write, prepare for major exams, and increase overall knowledge.

BrainPOP is an interactive website and application for students and teachers, covering the broad high school subjects and engaging videos and fun games for each subject with quizzes and gauging student learning. Essentially, BrainPOP groups a bunch of reliable websites and covers more than 1,000 animated movies for students grades K-12, alongside numerous examinations and related learning materials, including the subjects of science, English, math, health, and arts and music.

For graduating high school students, keeping up with schoolwork can be overwhelming, especially since every student is expected to write several research papers about a particular subject, and this application and site streamlines the process for you while citing sources accurately. The students only need to place the source information into EasyBib, and then it will formulate the full bibliography.

High school students also often work on long essays, and it can sometimes be a drag to check how your sentences look and if your grammar is on point. Grammarly is a website and app used to check papers for grammatical errors and other sentence problems — its app extension can go as far as social media posts and beyond. The plan for it is relatively expensive, at $29.99 every month, but it's worthwhile.

Khan Academy
Suppose you're looking to take your learning to the next level and make vast subjects easier to understand. In that case, the extensive collection of informative courses or videos from Khan Academy is a must. Students can search the different subject matters they're struggling with and view free videos through the website.

Photomath is a mobile app that many people describe as a "camera calculator," as it can recognize mathematical equations via a picture and display a detailed solution on the phone. It's easy to use and convenient. It helps students take a photo of a math problem and receive the right answer with detailed instructions on how to solve it.

Quizlet is a modern and digital flashcard platform allowing students to make their very own study materials, helping them browse through study tests, create flashcards, play games, and more.

Thousands of digital learning tools have been created to help students stay current with their lessons anytime and anywhere, be it their homes or on the school bus. They can stay connected — and the learning tools mentioned are some of the best, helping you excel and up-to-date with lessons with ease.

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