Starting Fresh Shouldn’t Mean Being Too Hard on Yourself


When you google “self-improvement,” you fall into the rabbit hole of watching other people’s journeys, discerning the different goals there are to achieve, and combining all that knowledge to see what works best for you. But, nine times out often, cramming in all this information from the blogosphere, YouTube, and a select few influencers is a bit too much to handle at first and gives a wrong impression of what the adventure should feel like.

In reality, if you’re starting fresh in 2022 and are dead serious about transforming yourself, the most important thing to note at first is practicing flexibility and giving yourself that extra leeway to make mistakes and learn from your tumbles. And if you can keep this principle standing strong for your first few weeks, we can assure you that everything else will fall into place, and your succeeding target goals for the year will naturally take shape as you find what interests you the most.

Big Goals Make Great Motivators, but Nothing Too Sudden


Goal-setting is the heart of any self-improvement journey, and that’s because you’re not getting anywhere without a clear target in mind and a vision you want to achieve under a realistic time constraint. However, the catch here is to make it big but progress in a way that lets you experience all the ups and downs, really giving you that opportunity to gain new insights and unlock new perspectives to reflect.

  • Sustainable Progress Beats Instant Success:

    Nowadays, people are constantly chasing after shortcuts to success and crave stories like NFT enthusiasts turned millionaires in one year and entrepreneurs selling their startup idea at an insane valuation. However, following these paths is extremely difficult, high risk, and doesn’t guarantee the same outcomes. So to give you more breathing room to experiment and weigh your options, sustainable progress will always beat instant success every single time.

  • Setbacks Can and Will Happen Eventually:

    Apart from the clear advantages of sustainable progress, one essential lesson to learn is how one must view setbacks and lapses in their judgment. You see, there will be moments of weakness during your journey, and no matter how strong and determined you may feel, your actions may not always follow what you say or think. However, this should never be an excuse to beat yourself up because things like this will happen, and you want to be flexible and give yourself the time to mull the experience over.

  • Even the Smallest of Steps Count as Change:

    Most people associate progress and transformation with significant milestones, but even the smallest of steps count as a change toward the right direction. Sure, it might not appear as grand or impactful on paper, but the effort you put in those seemingly small activities will add up, and, in time, they will be worth more than anything you could do in the future. So, don’t shy away from making at least 1% of progress as you start.

Try Something New and Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Now that you’re aware of what flexibility looks like when implementing the concept into your goal-setting and planning, a self-improvement journey is never complete without identifying some of the fun activities you can try. And for all the newbies out there, it’s best to learn something new by enrolling in an online course, improve fitness through martial arts gyms, and try different recipes instead of going with a bland diet plan.

  1. Learn Something New in an Online Course:

    Knowledge is power, and nothing feels more empowering than enriching your mind and voluntary participation in subject matters you’re eager to learn. And whether that’s a monetizable skill or an accredited program for your career, you’ll find numerous courses to try. Plus, if you’re more inclined to learn about business, connecting with a business culture mentor can also work.

  2. Explore Different Martial Arts Gyms:

    We are big fans of the typical cardio and resistance training workout regimens. While these are perfectly appropriate for getting that lean physique, why not try something more explosive like martial arts? You’ll be surprised at how hard some of the combat sports training styles can be, and apart from learning self-defense, there’s also the camaraderie you build with your sparring partners.

  3. Try New Recipes for a Fresh Diet Plan:

    Last but not least, instead of doing the same old advice of prepping chicken breast, broccoli, rice, and some protein shake to top things off, we suggest trying different recipes and diet plans to mix up your expectations. All sorts of dishes can be healthy and scrumptious, and you also get full control of the flavor profile while expanding your culinary skills.

It’s All About Making Things Work

Self-improvement can take many forms, but what matters most is making things work and aligning your goals with what you desire. At the end of the day, everything you do is a personal choice, and stepping out of your comfort zone is a decision for you to make!

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