Monitoring Your Babysitter to Make Sure Your Children Are Fine

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For working parents like us, we have to rely on a professional babysitter or nanny to look over our kids while we’re at work. That setup will never sit well with us. In fact, this is probably the main reason we’re stressing out about work or why we’re always on edge. To prevent these anxiety attacks from happening, we have to be assured that the nannies and babysitters we hire will take care of our children like their own.

Necessary childcare in Salt Lake City or other cities is a major stress point for families. Since it is not practical for one of the parents to stay at home and not work, they will have to trust a stranger to take care of their kids. In an ideal setting, one set of the children’s grandparents will be at home to look over how the nanny is treating the kids. But that’s not how it goes for many households.

You’ve heard the horror stories about nannies and babysitters. One nanny abducted the children she was supposed to look after. Luckily, the police found and saved them. In another story, the babysitter overdosed on heroin while taking care of a six-month-old baby. An anonymous call was made to the police, so they were able to save the baby from any harm.

These are the kind of stories that will put you on edge. That’s why it’s important to monitor what’s happening in your house. Thanks to technology, that is possible through nanny cams and remote recordings.

Talk to the Babysitter About the Cam

Legally, you are allowed to install a camera inside your house. You will only break the privacy law if you install the cams in places where a person should have privacy, such as in the bathroom and bedroom. Nevertheless, talk to your babysitter about the camera. If they have an issue with it, you might have to look for another nanny. If there is no intention to harm your children, babysitters should understand why parents want to record what’s happening in the house.

Check State Laws

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While video recording is mostly acceptable, it’s a different case for audio recording. Various states will only allow audio recording if one of the parties agrees to be recorded. Others will need the permission of everyone in the conversation. Check your state’s laws before installing an audio recording device. And again, let the babysitter know of the existence of such a device.

Hide the Camera…or Not

Should you hide the camera or place them in plain view? There’s no reason you should hide the camera to monitor your babysitter. The more they know about the presence of the camera, the more careful they will be about taking care of the children. Make sure that there are no blind spots. The cameras should cover every inch of the room so that nothing can be hidden from you.

Of course, the best monitoring device is your children. If they can already talk, ask them about how the nannies and babysitters are treating them. If they are acting scared of the babysitter, you should talk to them about these feelings. A sudden change in their behavior when the babysitter is around could also be a sign.

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