A One-of-a-Kind Christmas Wish List

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Over the past several decades, Christmas has become too commercialized. It is the busiest shopping season of the year and is also the most stressful, depending on where you’re coming from. Instead of coming up with a wish list of wants and needs, let’s take a few minutes and list down things we wish to thank the heavens and the universe for.

9 Things to be Thankful for in Life

1. For the family that you were born into and have found

We all have a picture of the ideal family in our minds. Unfortunately, life is far from perfect, and so are families.

You can, however, change your mindset and attitude regarding the family you’re in. Learn to appreciate each member of your family for, without them, you would not be who you are today.

If you and your family are faced with challenges that could potentially lead to a disastrous ending, take the time to talk to counselors and family lawyers in Townsville or wherever you are in the country. They are ready and willing to help you and your family overcome challenging seasons in life.

2. For friends that surround you and stick closer than a brother/sister.

One of the best treasures in life is the gift of friendship. Having friends that have your back through thick and thin is one of the purest forms of love you will ever experience in life.

3. For having a roof over your head

Not everyone is blessed to have their own homes. Even worse, you see a lot of homeless people living on the streets. Be glad you have a shelter to keep you safe and warm.

4. For waking up to a new day

Every new day is an opportunity for a fresh start in life. Knowing that a new day brings new opportunities can help lift your spirits and spark hope where there is none.

5. For the gift of health

You only have one life to live. Your health will determine how long you can enjoy life. Take good care of it to get the most out of life.

6. For laughter

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They say laughter is the best medicine. It helps cheer you up when you’re down. It makes you feel good and relieves you of stress and anxiety.

7. For the freedom of choice

The freedom of choice is a gift most people take for granted. It gives you the power to direct or destroy life, whether it is your own or others. As much as you have every right to choose whatever you want to, be responsible with the choices you make as they always affect those around you. Such is the power of your decisions.

8. For the ability to create wealth

You are born with a particular set of talents and skills that are designed to help you get through life. Whether these are basic skills or exceptional talent, you can earn from them and provide for your loved ones.

9. For opportunities for learning

Learning does not just take place in the classroom of any educational institution. Life offers different ways of learning apart from schools. Find wisdom and knowledge in the mundane things and your regular interactions. These bring enlightenment and a greater understanding to you.

Having a grateful heart leads to a life of contentment and satisfaction. No matter how tough life is, there are always more things to be thankful for. We hope you have a meaningful holiday season.

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