The Right Way to Market: Do You Really Know Your Customers?

Without the right marketing strategy, you can’t get the attention of your target audiences, influence their buying decision, and make revenue. But simply choosing any marketing strategy is not the best way to go. Just because one strategy worked for your competitor does not already mean you will yield the same results. The best way to determine which marketing strategy fits your business to start with your customers.

What does it take to grab your target audiences’ interest? When it comes to marketing, the first thing you need is to get to know your customers first. The following can help you learn more about your target audiences so you can formulate the best strategies.

Never Start Without a Customer Profile

A customer profile defines your definition of your ideal client. There are a few things you need to consider when creating your customer profile. Some are the following.

The Customers Who Need Your Offers

You sell products and services to solve a customer’s problem. What you need is to identify the type of people who needs your offers and why they need them. Identify the market where your customers are actively looking for the very solutions you are offering.

Define Their Demographics

Another thing you need to identify is customer demographics. Get to know their age, gender, location, preferences, annual revenue, education, and marital status, among others.  Your customer demographics can also help you make targeted investment decisions when engaging with your customers.

Type of Customers

There are four primary types of customers. Knowing what these are and what drives their buying decision will make it easier for you to find the best selling approach you can use.

  • Price Buyers

They are customers who want the lowest-priced products possible. They are more concerned about the price tag instead of the relationship, value, or differentiation.

  • Value Buyers

These are customers who want businesses that can provide the best value for their money. They still consider the price tag and the kind of relationship the brand has to offer.

  • Relationship Buyers

These are the kind of consumers who value the relationship suppliers have to offer. As long as the company takes good care of them through excellent customer service and products, they will still loyal.

  • Poker Player Buyers

These are usually the type of buyers who wants to get high value minus the high price tag. They both want value and low prices more than the kind of relationship the brand has to offer.

Use Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology helps you understand what affects your customer’s buying decision. You are basically uncovering customer insights and using this to your advantage to gain and retain more customers. But then, such a specialty area requires the study of a buyer’s decision-making process that many businesses are clueless about.

Thankfully, many advertisement agencies offer consumer psychology services included in their marketing offers. They are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to help you persuade your target audiences to trust your brand.

Consumer psychology can help you with:

  • Conduct market research
  • Craft marketing messages that fit your brand and customer profile
  • Research behaviors and attitudes of consumers
  • Keep Up With Market Trends

man pointing at graphs

Marketing trends come and go. While old school marketing strategies can help you gain the attention of some customers, you can’t simply rely on old strategies to maximize your conversions. There are times when changing your marketing strategy to conform to the current customer demands is the best way to stay competitive.

Remember that customers have varying expectations. But once they receive the kind of treatment that fits their needs and meets their expectations, they will stay loyal to that brand. If you fail to stay updated with their latest demands and expectations, even brand new companies can steal our customers away.

To better satisfy your customers, stay on top of the hottest marketing trends. This does not necessarily mean you need to change your marketing strategies as often as the trends change. You still need to check which ones can provide the best experience to your customers.

Ask, Conduct Surveys, and Get Reviews

Last but not the least, do ask your customers and target audiences what they want and need. Ask what kind of experience they expect to receive. Don’t forget to gain and use their feedback to your brand’s advantage.

You can do this in the form of surveys, by asking for feedback, reviews, and testimonials. It also pays to do a competitive marketing analysis. Check forums on what they say about your company, read their emails, direct messages, and comments.

When it comes to marketing, you want to give your customers a tangible experience they will appreciate and remember. Simply getting their attention is not enough. You want to ensure they will take action after seeing your marketing efforts. The best way to do this is by getting to know your customers first.

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