Why Protected Bike Lanes Are a Great Investment for Communities

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In this age of cab-hailing apps, electric cars, and affordable cars, it’s easy to ignore this one vehicle that gave us the first taste of traveling on streets with wheels: the bicycle. But it seems that bikes are making a big comeback as various cities and studies are starting to discover the untapped benefits of bicycles that can solve our most pressing problems today. That is why more and more communities are encouraged to construct protected bike lanes to test and eventually take advantage of its unexplored opportunities.

Here are some of the most exciting things that would surprise you about bicycles:

Reasons Why Bike Lanes Make a Great Investment

It Can Increase A Property’s Value

Various studies have shown that properties that are located near bicycle lanes tend to be more valuable. One study even compared two properties with the same size and number of rooms, and they discovered the property near a bicycle lane to be more valuable than the other property. The study’s result is a fascinating and unusual discovery, which may encourage a lot of communities in allotting spaces for bicycle lanes because of its proven factor in adding value to properties.

It Sends A Signal That Bikers’ Safety Are Being Valued

Most bikers might not know it, but there are bicycle accident attorneys whose specialty is to protect their rights whenever they are caught in an accident. While this type of lawyer is undoubtedly a heaven-send for bicycle riders, bikers desire to see more support for them to feel that they are an actual part of the community and are still relevant in today’s society. That is why having protected bike lanes on the streets gives them a clear message that they are still an integral part of society and their community values their protection and life. On top of that, these lanes’ presence gives them a sense of delight and pride, which encourages them to use their bicycles even more.

Improves Health And Increases Productivity

There’s a cliche that says: “Build, and they will come,” and there’s no doubt that it’s also applicable in bicycle lanes. When bicycle owners see that structures or even special signages were made for bike riders, they tend to dust off their bikes at home and use it for work or errands.

The presence of structures and signages for bikes gives them a sense of support which encourages them to use their bikes instead of driving their cars or hailing a cab. It encourages more people to use their bikes more often, convincing them to perform physical activities every day (without any grudges). Since riding a bike is also a form of exercise, citizens improve their health while doing what they love. As with any form of exercise, bicycle riding can enhance their productivity, compared when riding a car where you remain static most of the time.

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Bike Facilities Can Help Increase Revenue

It appears that bikes have a lot of untapped potentials, which are now being discovered by various studies. Studies conducted in San Francisco, California have shown that aside from increasing a property’s value, bike facilities can also help boost retail stores’ sales! By allotting larger spaces for bicycles, various retail shops have experienced increased sales, so these stores became more encouraged to construct wider dedicated spaces for bicycle riders.

A City Can Save A Lot Through Bicycles

It appears that bicycling can also hit four significant problems on the road efficiently. According to a study, if citizens widely adopt bicycling in a city, both the city and its citizens can benefit.

Here are the major benefits that everyone can gain if it’s widely adopted:

  • Road repair would be greatly reduced.
  • Road congestion would decrease and would save a lot of time.
  • There would be no need for parking costs.
  • It will improve air quality in a city.
  • It may take some time before various cities worldwide can widely adopt bicycle riding, but studies show how it holds a lot of potential in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems on the road.

Thus, more cities should initiate moves in providing support for bikers by creating their streets a safe and fun place for them. Having a street where cars, motorcycles, and bikes can coexist safely might sound impossible at first. But with careful planning, appropriate construction, and above all, political will, it will be a doable project for every city worldwide.

If you’ll take a closer look, the reason why most people have abandoned their bikes isn’t that they hated them. It’s because, with motorcycle and car-dominated streets, nothing motivates them anymore to bring out their bikes and enjoy the experience. But as communities start to discover biking’s hidden benefits, they are beginning to allot protected spaces in their streets for bikes to encourage cyclists. May this trend spread across the world so more and more communities can tap the immense benefits of bikes, not only for their health but also for their economy as well.

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