Danger on the Road: Getting to Know Different Types of Drivers

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Each person has a different personality, and these are partly the reasons road accidents and car crashes occur. You’ve probably observed some unacceptable behaviors of drivers. In most cases, there’s nothing else you can do but avoid them.

The longer you spend time driving, the more you’ll learn about these types of drivers. Some of them don’t bother you, but sometimes, they can ruin your day. While taking control of your emotions while driving is given, you still need to focus on how drivers behave so that you can avoid them. Let’s discuss them one by one.

The Sluggish Driver

The sluggish driver is the one that likes to take things slowly. They often drive from 10 mph and stops almost all the time. In short, they aren’t in a rush, and they don’t care if they are slowing you down.

While there’s nothing wrong with driving slow, it can be very unpleasant, especially if you’re going on the highway. However, you can overtake with precaution, and don’t forget to use your signal lights.

The Aggravated Driver

The aggravated driver is the one who can switch moods in an instant. One moment they’re calm, and in a split-second, they get in road rage mode. Aggravated drivers thoroughly express their frustrations, and they often react with anger and violence.

You can always find at least one or two aggravated drivers in fast lanes. But beware, one wrong move and they will start to get offensive. Try to avoid these kinds of drivers as much as possible.

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The High-risk Drivers

High-risk drivers are those who had auto accidents in the past. They often receive multiple tickets for any violations. Some high-risk drivers were also convicted for driving under the influence. Among all types of drivers out there, you should probably avoid high-risk drivers the most.

They are considered “high-risk” for a reason, and you might not want anything to do with them. In fact, these drivers are so high-risk that they must get SR-22 insurance before they can drive again.

The Annoying Tailgater

In driving, the rule of the thumb is to have at least a three-second distance from the vehicle before you. But tailgaters don’t seem to get this rule. They can be just as annoying as aggravated drivers. The only difference is that they are behind you, tailgating your car and jeopardizing your safety.

Tailgaters are very offensive drivers, and they can put you in danger. They enjoy driving recklessly, so you must stay away from them. Speed up your vehicle or, better yet, switch lanes.

The Honker

Honker drivers are those who blow their horns so loud to hurry other drivers. Blowing their horns repeatedly is their way of making their presence seen by intimidated motorists. Lucky for you, you can quickly identify honkers as they ensure that you see and hear them.

The Driver with Full Blast Music

Drivers listen to music while driving to keep themselves alert. But some drivers don’t respect others. They put their music on full volume with blasting sounds. Let’s admit it, these types of drivers are pretty annoying, especially if you want to drive in peace.

It would be best to avoid these drivers because their loud music may make it hard for you to hear essential sounds like when an ambulance or fire truck siren behind you.

The Driver with Too Many Distractions

Avoid drivers that multi-task while driving. These are the type of people who believe that they do everything they need to do at once, even if that means putting their lives in danger. You will see distracted drivers texting, eating, or making calls as they drive.

Often, distracted drivers are young individuals who have so much on their plates. They talk to their friends all the time, check their partners’ activities, or party in the car while they are driving. Unfortunately, they are also often involved in road accidents.

The Incompetent Driver

You also need to watch out for incompetent drivers. They drive slow, have poor driving skills, don’t use signals, and make many road mistakes. If possible, don’t even try to get near them because their actions are very unpredictable.

It’s easy to spot incompetent drivers. They are constantly swerving, braking without caution, or overspeeding. Sometimes, you will even see in their faces if they are confused with what they are doing.

So there you have it. These are just some types of dangerous drivers that you need to watch out for while driving. But don’t worry too much; there are plenty of drivers who are good at this skill. Like you, they follow traffic rules and practice defensive driving. Take caution when going on the road. This way, you can avoid getting into unfortunate incidents.

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