You Existing Is A Beautiful Thing; Don’t Let Anyone Say Otherwise

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Life is beautiful, and while many challenges and circumstances would like to challenge this idea, the fact that we’re here and giving it our best to be happy is beauty in itself, and that should be more than enough proof of our grace. Plus, that goes for all walks of life and the many unique lifestyles that each of us goes through; and no matter how different we choose to live every day we get, it’s all equally beautiful and worthwhile.

However, one common problem that many people face today is the disdain of not living up to certain standards or failing to meet the expectations set before them when they were younger, eating at their souls and hurting them from the inside. But, what if we told you that most of these stressors and pressures are actually overestimations and mere facades; and that the best life is already lived by simply existing?

This Is Your Life To Live, Not Anyone Else’s

Reason number one, let’s not forget that this is your life and not anyone else’s, meaning that everything you choose to do is all up to you, no matter what hearsay, opinion, or comment some other person has to input. So as long as you’re not stepping on anybody’s shoes and just having fun, then there’s nothing inherently wrong with what you’re doing because your happiness is proof of living a good life.

  • You Don’t Need To Meet Someone’s Expectations: Growing up, we are often shoved with many expectations left, right, and center, be it in our academics, work aspirations, or athletic ability. However, you are not required to meet these expectations because those are but constructs other people made by themselves. And like we’ve mentioned before, you get the final say on what’s authentic to your heart.
  • There’s Nothing Wrong With Putting Yourself First: Many people don’t pat themselves on the back often enough, so don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first at times because self-love is important to personal growth. How do you expect to help others, put a smile on your face, and move forward to your dreams if you can’t muster the passion for caring about yourself in the first place?

Life Isn’t A Competition To Be The Best; Just Be Yourself.

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Reason number two, far too many people put unnecessary weight on their shoulders in the form of reaching certain achievements, striving for a financial goal, attaining that next promotion, and putting their entire life on the line on one big pay-off. And while there’s nothing wrong with psyching yourself up, please understand that treating life as a competition to be the best is just plain unhealthy for you.

  • Goals Going Sideways Don’t Signal The End: Most people often forget that failure is part of the process, and when their goals don’t come out the way they expect, it hurts them in ways unimaginable. So, don’t tie yourself to the actualization of a goal but to the hard work and effort you put in because always remember that things not going your way are but another aspect of living.
  • Standing Back Up And Moving Forward Are Just As Important: Branching off of the first note, people assign too little value to the process of standing back up than they would normally do with moving forward. In reality, both actions in life are equally important, and each of them deserves the same amount of recognition from your heart.

You Are The Benchmark, So Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Reason number three, we still see way too many people constantly compare themselves to others on social media or through their friends and feeling bad for themselves when they shouldn’t even be doing that from the get-go. Instead, we suggest that you try a social media detox and consider that you are the only worthy benchmark for yourself.

  • Go At A Pace That Feels Fulfilling: Look, life isn’t a race, and to all the people that think every passing moment is slipping from their grasp, allow us to say that you’re gravely mistaken. There’s no set rule that you have to be as fast, spontaneous, or confident as the next guy; in fact, there are no specific rules to living your life apart from doing what fulfills you.
  • Let Intrinsic Motivation And Passion Be Your Guide: Although listening to your heart sounds like a piece of advice straight from a movie cliche, it’s a principle that people chug under the rug for no reason at all. Intrinsic motivation and natural passion for something should always be our guide in making choices at a crossroads, and nothing else should come in the way of what you’re feeling deep inside.

Living Your Best Life Means Loving Yourself First.

Overall, we want to remind everyone that living your best life is all about learning to love yourself first, and if that means exploring your hobby of custom vinyl sheet designs for your shirt or reading a good book with some tea, then we’re happy to have you! Everything you choose to do and find happiness in is valid, and simply being here in this world and smiling is more than beautiful.

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