3 Ways to Tell If a Company Is Worth Your Years of Hard Work

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Job hunting is a tedious and emotionally draining process. You go from one interview to another in the span of a few days. You anxiously wait for their call and overthink whether you answered their questions right. Before you go through all these processes, are you sure the companies you are applying to are worth it?

Companies look at your credentials, and they base their decision to hire you on that. It would be best if you did the same. You don’t want to spend years of your precious career life working for a company with outdated and corrupt values n this day and age. A good company doesn’t only manifest its worthiness behind occasional charity events. A good company takes care of the people within the workforce. How do you know if you are applying to the right company? Read on and find out what qualities a company worth working for has.

1. If the Company Is Inclusive and Diverse

Companies are all about inclusion and diversity nowadays. But it is hard to tell whether they are only buzzwords or are seriously being practiced inside the workplace. Since the younger generations are more vocal about demanding companies and governments to be inclusive, it could be that some companies are just using these words as a facade.

One way to tell if a company really does walk its talk is to look at the people in leadership positions. If you only see one group of people with the same general attributes, then the company is pretty much just using these words in practice at the lower levels of the employment hierarchy.

They may be hiring the same number of women and men, but that probably ends there. If you see people of color, people who don’t identify as straight men or women, mothers, and differently abled in higher positions, that is your green light.

2. If the Company Values Its Employees

You’ve heard about points in the past when companies had to lay off hundreds of employees. There was also a period in the past decades when people worried about their jobs being taken away by machines. Look into the profile and history of a company. See how they handled transitioning into the adaptation of advanced technology in the workplace.

In addition, ask them how they had kept those who worked in transporting heavy material in the warehouse safe before automated vehicles came. Research about how the company handled the previous crises. Did the employees get enough benefits when they lost their jobs? Or was the company able to circumvent the situation?

You, as an employee, are replaceable. And that is the truth. But a company that values the good work that its employees put in is a company that is also worth your loyalty and dedication. By asking the right questions, you will have an idea of how the company will treat you when a crisis comes or when your job becomes too easy for machines to do.

3. If the Company Has a Healthy Work Culture

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All these indicators are related to one another. If a company values its employees, then they most likely have a healthy culture inside the workplace. Ask the right questions, and you will find the answers that you need.

Research about the company’s track record and look for previous cases of harassment and discrimination. If an issue comes up, don’t automatically close your doors on them. If you get an appointment for an interview, then ask them about these previous cases. A red flag is when they refuse to discuss the issue.

But if they willingly discuss with you what happened, admit what could have been done better, and assure you that they are working on making sure that these things don’t happen again, that should tell you that you are in the right place.

Another indicator that a company has a healthy workplace is the rate of employments quitting is low. The hiring officers probably won’t tell you about that, but you can also ask around. In your interview, ask about the person who held the role and why it has been vacated.

A company that has excellent culture makes its employees feel valued. Various companies have earned the internet’s praise recently because they have programs that cater well to their employees. They have free meal programs, dedicated gyms, and comprehensive health packages.

Google earned its “best company culture” award in 2018. That is because it lets its workers have the flexibility and enjoy the freedom to be creative. Employees get to work in a fun environment that promotes collaboration and innovation. In 2020, Google came out at the top spot of the best companies to work for in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

Why would you settle for companies that don’t value employees when you know that companies like Google exist? Like any other relationship, you have to know the other party first before entering into an agreement. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time, effort, dedication, and commitment. Soon enough, you will be feeling burnt out, you will quit, and you will start looking for another company again. You’d better make wise decisions as early as now to avoid wasting your precious time.

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