Boosting Curb Appeal: 10 Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

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Everyone wants a house that looks and feels comfortable inside and out, but they have to know how to design it accordingly. Some homes look big and grand, but the design seems bland. Meanwhile, other houses have elaborate ornamentation that does not blend with the theme. How do you make your exterior look amazing? Do you add some plants, do a paint job, or add canopies to create more shade? You can do all those things and more, but first, you have to decide how you want your house to look from the outside.

Here are some ideas you can use to achieve that great exterior you want for your home:

1. Make a Plan

Before you start doing anything to your house’s exterior, you have to lay out a plan first. This will give you an idea of how extensive your outdoor renovation will cost, what materials you will use, what equipment you will need, and how many days you need for the renovation. This stage will also tell you whether you need help in renovating the exterior of your house. Planning a project will make your work more organized, and you will also avoid unnecessary spending because of delays.

2. Consider Front Yard Landscaping

You can make your exterior look more appealing to the eyes if you have a beautiful front lawn. Add some hedges that will look like a partition on your property. Add some grass and a pathway going to the front door. Add flowering plants because they will beautify your exterior. You can also add some climbing plants or vines, bonsai trees, hydrangea bushes, or other flowering plants that you like. You can add some stones and pebbles for added effect on your garden. Since winter is just around the corner, now is the best time to invest in an electric snow blower that can help you tidy up your front yard instantly when it starts snowing. Make sure that the landscaping is still beautiful no matter what season it is.

3. Make an Extension

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When you have a big family, and you think you need an upgrade, you can make an extension for your house. You can add a second story to your house. You can also extend your house if you do not want a second floor. You can expand your home sideways, especially if you have more space. Either way, you still made an extension to make your home more beautiful on the exterior.

4. Build a Patio

Having a patio on your front lawn or backyard will make weekend get-togethers more accommodating and entertaining. You can have guests outside your home for some barbecue and salad or chilling while watching the stars. Your patio can also become your place of solitude while outside the house. It can serve as a place for gathering for the family. This will be a great addition to the exterior of your home.

5. Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading your windows will remove all the ugly and fading colors of the windowsill. It will also make your home look more modern and cozy. This move will also make your house more sustainable because you create a means for more sunlight to enter your home. You can add better curtains or blinds to keep your family life still private.

6. Ensure Your Front Door Stands Out

That front door would look better with a fresh coat of paint or even an entire replacement. Replacing it will make your house look more modern, chic, and up-to-date, especially with a new security system. It will also make your home look better than before. Your new front door will not look like it belongs to a creepy old mansion or that scary-looking house from the other town. Remember, new things always reflect a refreshing and clean vibe.

7. Add a Fountain

A new fountain in the middle of your lawn will look elegant and refreshing. Fountains are believed to symbolize life, truth, change, and water. It also symbolizes purification. Having a fountain on your property can indicate the change you need in your life. Looking at the flowing water in a fountain can bring you peace and serenity while relaxing in your garden.

8. Repaint the House

Give your home a new color. It will surely bring new vibes into it. The old, faded, and flaked-out paint gave your house a negative vibe. To reverse that vibe and make it look better, you can choose what paint to use for its new façade. Not only will it make your house look new, but it will also remove all that faded color, and everything will look better.

9. Replace Your Roof

There are times that you have to change your roof because it looks old, the colors have worn off, and some have chipped off. Changing your roof will remove all these issues in no time. If there are places in your house with leaks from the roof, this will solve the problem. You would get a new roof, and there will no longer be any leaks when it rains. A change in the roof will bring good things to you and your family.

10. Keep Your Home Clean

The exterior of your house will always look refreshing if it is kept tidy. These are the easiest things to do to make the exterior of your home look good. Raking off dead leaves, washing off dirt and mud on the driveway, and throwing your garbage in the proper bins will make your house look better.

Making the exterior of your house look good will always start with you and how you want to keep it looking good. There are other things and decorations that you can add to the exterior of your house that will make it look better than before. These changes you will put on your home will cost you, but renovations to make it look better will have a long-lasting effect. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re the exterior of your lot is dirt-free and always kept clean.

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