Your Business’ Door-to-Door Shipping: Make It Better for Happy Customers

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Happy customers are the secret to success.

Quality products aren’t the only way to win them over; how you serve them can make a big difference between disgruntled customers and satisfied buyers. Even the smallest improvement in business can up their satisfaction.

If you have a delivery aspect in your business, focus on that. Are customers receiving their products on time? Do they experience any delays? In the business of door-to-door shipping and transportation, there is so much you can do to improve your services.

Consider these three factors:

Train Your Drivers

It’s never too late to train your drivers again. While you do not need to reteach them what they already know, a quick seminar on safety and customer service will remind them of proper and timely driving. Make sure they are also knowledgeable about basic repairs.

Apart from ensuring your current pool of drivers is in good shape, it helps to have a backup in case o training. Invest in local truck driver staffing companies to ensure you get spare drivers for your business should you need them while your own drivers are out for their training and seminars.

Change the Routes You Take

When it comes to the process of delivering goods and parcels, your drivers may already have a certain route in mind. But a slight change in those routes can help improve your services and delivery times. Shortcuts can reduce their travel time and result in more satisfied clients. 

Research on new routes drivers can take. Try discussing with them about possible routes and alternatives when they need to deliver something. Perhaps another driver found a short cut or a better road for the route. Or maybe one driver has more knowledge of a specific area, which will give the rest of the drivers an idea of where to go.

Improve Your Navigation and Tracking Systems

Delivery man handling packages

Signs and directions from other people are reliable, but not all the time. Sometimes, a little help from machines and gadgets can prevent drivers from getting lost and customers wondering about the status of their deliveries. 

Some older companies may prefer working the old-fashioned way and by using nothing but maps and road signs. But times are changing, we are constantly expanding, and more infrastructures are rising every day. There will come a time that we may get lost even in our own city. Luckily, you can invest GPS navigational systems for seamless transportation.

For our drivers that are on the road 24/7, GPS technology can help them pick the best route to take, offer an estimate on what time they will arrive, and can alert them about accidents on the road. If speed and efficiency are what you need, then invest in GPS technology.

Improve your services by working on your product delivery. Door-to-door services should always focus on three things: faster deliveries, good quality of products despite the travel, and safe travels for drivers. Investing in training and equipment that help achieve all three will result in happier and satisfied customers.

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