Why Stories Are Beneficial to a Learner

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Since infancy or toddlerhood, a child is set on their parent’s lap while enjoying a book. Parents bond with their children through bedtime stories. The rhythmic flow of words makes a child happy or lulls them to sleep. Storytelling or reading stories is an effective learning medium. Here are some benefits one can get from listening to and reading stories:

A Way to Learn Language

When you want to introduce new words, one of the best ways is to use stories. Even a foreign language is easier to learn when incorporated in tales. For instance, teachers use interactive German books to teach a second language. Through the repetition of key phrases in a story, learners will become familiar with them. They will also learn how to use the phrase in context. This is more effective than giving a list and its corresponding meaning.

Broadens Learning

Stories can teach concepts that are otherwise hard to understand. Even science and math ideas are easier for children if they are illustrated in stories. Also, one can introduce different cultures through various settings and characters. Learners can see different perspectives when they engage in wonderful tales. Children can relate to issues better when the platform used is stories. Learning becomes more natural for them.

Teaches Values

A child needs to learn some important values such as sharing and forgiveness. But this cannot be ingrained in them only by telling them outright to do it. But when they see a character in a story doing such things, they can grasp its importance. They will also see the effect these values have on others.

A parent can even teach simple life skills such as brushing one’s teeth or fixing the bed through stories. When a child sees a character close to their age doing such things, they can internalize these habits. Learners understand their feelings when characters in the story exhibit the same emotions. They can deal with sadness or fear based on how the protagonist does it.

Relaxes the Reader

Have you ever wondered why reading stories are used in bedtime routines? This is because stories help children unwind. The rhythm of the storytelling is soothing for them. Reading is also a quiet activity as compared to more rambunctious ones such as playing. Reading stories also strengthens the bond between a parent or caregiver and a child. There is a sense of security through the time spent together. When a child is old enough to read on their own, they can use it as a way to relieve stress.

Builds Imagination

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Stories expand a child’s world. They can travel to castles, deserts, and outer space. They fight villains and dragons alongside the main characters. A story sparks a child’s imagination this way. It also helps develop abstract thinking. There are instances where a child listens to an audiobook or read a story without many pictures. They must conjure in their mind images of what is happening in the story. Some children can even challenge themselves to write versions of the stories. This is one of the highest forms of comprehension.

Storytelling or reading stories will be effective even over time. Even in its simplicity, it holds many wonderful advantages.

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