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If you are about to go to court, you may be wondering who will be present. There are usually several people in a courtroom with various jobs, but the specific people who will be there will vary from case to case. However, there are key figures that are almost always expected in a court case. Here is a quick rundown on who you may meet and what their job is.

The Attorney

Attorneys are the legal system’s officers. An attorney represents one party in civil and criminal cases. They serve as their client’s advocates by arguing in the court and presenting evidence to help support the case of their client. With their client’s best interests in mind, they may suggest particular actions regarding the case. However, you may not always find an attorney present in a courtroom — some defendants choose to represent themselves.

The Judge

Of course, one of the most important figures you will see in a courtroom is the judge. A judge is an appointed or elected official who conducts the court proceedings. They are in charge of deciding what the sentence will be, along with keeping order in the court. They interpret the implications, significance, and meaning of the law. They should also remain impartial with their decisions. Before a person becomes a judge, they must have many years of law experience as a lawyer, along with passing a bar exam.

The Court Reporter

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Court reporters play a huge role in many legal proceedings. They are in charge of keeping an accurate and detailed record or whatever was being said. They must create a secure, accurate, and complete legal transcript of depositions, witness testimonies, and courtroom proceedings. Many people need to find excellent court reporters in Phoenix, AZ, for instance, especially when it is a medical malpractice case where a lot of medical terms are used.

The Bailiff

A bailiff is a law enforcement officer. They assist the judge in the orderly conduct of the trial while maintaining security and order in the courtroom. They also announce when the judge enters and leaves, thus being in charge of opening and closing the court. They can work with lawyers, government workers, and court personnel.

The Prosecutor

Many people often do not know the difference between prosecutors and lawyers. Here’s what you should remember: not all lawyers are prosecutors, while all prosecutors are lawyers. A lawyer has a license to practice law, whereas a prosecutor works for the prosecutor’s office as a lawyer, so a prosecutor works for a state or national government.

A prosecutor has several duties, such as investigating the crime with the police while supervising the legality of investigations. Their client is always the State, so you can usually find them in both criminal and civil cases.

While more people may be present in court, the people mentioned are some of the key figures who play essential roles in court. They have several duties to help carry out court proceedings as efficiently and legally as they can.

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