What You Need to Know About Grandparents’ Rights

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Divorce is a sensitive topic. This usually involves only the parents and their children, but it can also include the members of the extended family. Grandparents are known to make a huge impact on their grandchildren’s lives. However, when your child divorces their spouse, it can be hard to demand visitation rights.

This happens when the parent granted custody doesn’t allow the grandparents to visit their children. If you’re under the same dilemma, know that a reliable family lawyer in Colorado Springs, Colorado can help. By knowing your rights as a grandparent, you can find legal rights to spend time with your grandchild. But before you even pursue your case, the following are the things that you need to know first:

Your rights as a grandparent are limited

Parents have the strongest power over their children. It doesn’t matter how much your love and concern is for your grandchild. As long as their parent is granted custody, the only thing that you can ask for is visitation rights. You may think that you can provide a better environment to raise your grandparents. You may even believe that you make better parental decisions for them. But it is the parent’s decision that weighs the most.

How you can show your relationship with the grandchild

You will need to prove that you have a relationship with your grandchild. Show that you have a positive relationship with your grandchild and that the parent has rejected your attempt to visit. If you can show it is in the child’s best interest to spend time with you, then you can fight for your visitation rights. Prove that despite the parent’s unwillingness, you’re putting in the effort to create a relationship with your grandchild. Document all attempts to bond with your grandchild. This can include sharing photos, sending gifts, or even sending letters.

There are circumstances when you can obtain child custody

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For most grandparents, visitation rights are enough. But some want custody over their grandchildren. There are legal grounds when you can get child custody over your grandchild. In Colorado, it includes the following circumstances:

  • When you’ve been caring for your grandchild for at least three consecutive months
  • When both parents have records abandoning their child in the past
  • When authorities remove the child from the parent’s home
  • If no parent objects on your taking over child custody

When it comes to such cases, the best way you can keep in touch with your grandchild is to try to maintain a good relationship with their parents. You and the parent only want what’s best for the child. You may not get along well due to different points of view and parenting styles. However, this is the best way for you to avoid having to file a case in court.

When all things fail, you can always talk to a family lawyer. They can help you file a case for visitation rights so that you can stay involved with your grandchild. By hiring a legal advocate who will guide you through the process, you’ll have a stronger case where you can secure your rights.

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