What You Need for Libraries and Home Schooling


If you have a passion for reading and learning, why not share that with your community and set up a community library or mobile hub? It’ll require a significant investment, but once you’ve committed to it, the overall process will not be as challenging as you’d thought.

That said, you’ll need to a couple of things when setting up a community library or mobile hub—and here are some of them.

Compact Computers

If you’re considering adding desktop computers or laptops to your community library but don’t have the means for it, going for mini computers is an excellent choice as they’re cheaper yet still provide the same functions. They’re the intermediate between microcomputers and mainframes in size, speed, and capacity and are usually dedicated to one application.

The best part is they’re smaller in physical size when compared to a large computer, meaning they virtually don’t take up much desk space, giving you more room to add more of them in your community library. All in all, they provide all visitors access to the world of the internet. Additionally, they’d work exceptionally well on the librarian’s or receptionist’s desk.


In today’s digital age, gadgets play a crucial role in libraries. That’s why, besides mini computers and laptops, investing in a couple of additional devices like iPads can be an excellent choice, giving visitors more ways to read or do research. Additionally, providing AR-enabled gadgets in your community library can provide users with a fun and unique way of using library services. It can also help children enjoyably enhance their reading skills, keeping them engaged.

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi repeaters

Besides gadgets, modern libraries also provide Wi-Fi or internet access to visitors, with many librarians emphasizing its essential service for libraries of any scale. If you live in a relatively remote area, investing in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi repeaters is a fantastic choice as it gives people in your community a chance to find information that they couldn’t get in books. After all, keep in mind that a library is a place that gives people easy access to information, regardless of the format.

The focus on access has become more crucial in the digital age than ever before, with modern libraries moving away from the traditional concept of being a house of knowledge and moving towards the idea of being a “house of access.” Plus, internet access is what most people nowadays are looking for, and to serve your community to the fullest by investing in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi repeaters is an excellent move.


Actual Books and References

After having your different gadgets in place, the next thing you need to do when setting up a community library is acquiring books, as they’re likely the main reason you’re setting up a community library in the first place.
However, before you get some books, you’ll need to decide what sort of books you plan to add to the library.

That said, doing this will require both time and money, and you’ll need to contact different bookstores or other more extensive libraries to accommodate you, while some may even offer discounts or bulk sales. Some establishments may also provide you with some old editions for free, helping you fill up your community library with ease.

You can also get books by asking your associates and family members for any reading materials they can spare.

Training Rooms/Lecture Halls

Having training rooms and lecture halls filled with large TV screens, projectors, and speakers in your community library can promote better engagement among users, no matter the age. It gives instructors and other volunteers a way to provide additional learning sessions for kids and teens, making it more appealing and fun. Professionals may also rent out these areas for meetings and other purposes, giving you additional income.

Proper Lighting

If you plan on converting a spare structure you have into a community library—you’ll need to consider installing bright lights. That’s because since you’ll be offering books and other educational reading materials, you’ll need to have proper bright lighting fixtures to make it more comfortable for the visitors. You can consult with an electrician and have them set up junctions for lamps and LED lights.

The community library or mobile hub that you’ll be setting at your community will become a real treasure for students, office workers, and those who love reading in general, allowing them to get access to nearly limitless information. However, when establishing the space, remember to include the essentials mentioned for a more functional and educational space.

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