What Is an Air Compressor Used for?

Air Compressor

An air compressor is a piece of equipment that’s been used in plenty of industries. It increases the air pressure in a tank to deliver the adequate force necessary for other equipment pieces to function.

This highly-used tool allows users to utilize the compressed air whenever required and at a pressure level that works for a specific function best. With the potentials of an air compressor, you might be wondering where it is used. This article will help you find answers to that.

Oil-Free vs. Oil-Lubricated Compressor

There are two major types of air compressors, and they are both beneficial, depending on what you will use them for. You may want to consider your two main options in choosing an air compressor: oil-free and oil-lubricated compressors.

Oil-Free Compressor

One major type of air compressor is oil-free. As the name suggests, this compressor doesn’t use oil and instead uses its own mechanisms to lubricate the cylinder and other significant equipment parts.

Oil-Lubricated Compressor

On the other hand, other air compressors require oil lubrication to keep them functioning correctly. An oil reservoir is connected to the tank, where it injects oil onto the crankcase and other internal components to maintain a smooth process.

Where Is an Air Compressor Used?

After learning about your two primary options, now is as good a time as any to find out where you can use an air compressor. Air compressors vary in shape and size, and different industries use certain types for various functions. Below are some of them.


Larger air compressors are used in construction sites. This is because some areas do not have an electricity line, diesel, or petrol. This means that construction workers need an alternative energy source for their power tools to function. Various tools use compressed air, and they may range from hammers to drills and compactors.


Companies in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries also utilize the benefits of air compressors. Safety is of utmost importance in these fields. That’s why these companies use rotary screw equipment to guarantee that the products are tightly sealed and free of harmful contaminants. The conveyor belts and packaging machines also use this type of mechanism to function.


Gone are the days when agriculture is seen as something that’s old and uses manual labor. Technological advancements paved the way for this industry to use various tools and pieces of machinery to use the land more efficiently for mass production. Pumps, tractors, and sprayers are just some examples of the pieces of agriculture equipment that use compressed air.


Another essential piece of equipment that involves air compressors is an engine. Almost all kinds of machines use air compressors. Trains, trucks, a car’s heating and cooling system, and even its brakes use compressed air for various functions. Even amusement parks use air compressors for their carnival rides.

Spray Painting

Various industries use spray paint as well, and this functions with the help of air compressors. The pressure inside the equipment pushes the paint through the nozzle to scatter it; this may range from personal to commercial use. Artists and car repainting services alike use an air compressor to power their spray paint.

Energy Sector

Even the oil used for one air compressor comes from large pieces of equipment that need compressed air to function. Oil drilling machines use this as a source of power for their equipment to deliver spark-free and stable outputs.

Pressure Washing

If you’ve ever seen one of those satisfying videos where a particular area is cleaned of dirt using a power washer, it wouldn’t be possible without an air compressor. In pretty much the same way as spray paints, these tools use compressed air to blast water out of the hose with extreme power. The only difference is that pressure washing uses a higher pressure for more effective cleaning.


Going back to the utility of air compressors in our vehicles, we need them to inflate our car’s tires. A pump wouldn’t work because of the entire vehicle’s weight, which is why pressurized air is necessary to inject air onto the tire effectively. In addition to this, balloons and air beds also use air compressors for inflation, but they require lower air pressure.

Scuba Diving

Lastly, one recreational and educational activity also greatly benefits from air compressors. Scuba diving relies on compressed air inside tanks to reach greater depths without rising above for air.

An air compressor is a tool that is often overlooked. We see it as something that powers our devices, but its everyday application is essential to our progress. Without air compressors, it would be incredibly challenging for us to do even the most basic tasks.

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