Things You Need to Set Up a Home Office

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Working from home is a new trend in the flexible workplace, and the population of freelancers is continuously growing especially for jobs that can be managed through telecommuting. But before calling the VoIP phone companies to order handsets for your home office setup, know the basic components of a conducive workspace at home.


Choose a computer based on the nature of your work. If you need a mobile office because your job involves meeting clients in various locations, you need a laptop you can carry around, with specifications that can support the programs you need to run. If your job does not require you to travel, you can always choose a desktop computer for better specifications and more durable hardware. Whatever kind of computer your job demands, just make sure that you are getting your money’s worth when you buy one.


Know the software your computer needs to function well. Also, be sure to install applications that you need for telecommuting and those that your team uses for project management.

High-speed Internet and Network Router.

Getting the best specifications and software for your computer will be useless if you don’t have high-speed internet and network router for connectivity. These will help you bridge the distance between you and your teammates and clients. Without internet connection with decent speed for teleconferencing, you won’t be able to communicate clearly.

Telephone and VoIP.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol makes communication possible across distances between people. People who work from their homes do not call clients and teammates using home phone landline anymore. Communication is now through internet-based phone services. You need the same communication services if you prefer a flexible work environment.

Backup Drive or Personal Server.

Since your work will be producing a lot of online files, you need to keep your data safe using a personal server or a backup drive. Cloud-based servers are the usual choice of those who want their files accessible through any gadget as long as there is an internet connection. Some also invest in offline external drives to keep their files for backup. It would be better to use both offline and online backup to secure copies of your files.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

An interrupted power supply can cause problems when you are working from home. Imagine a sudden power outage while you are in the middle of a client meeting. The inconvenience and damages that these problems bring can be avoided if you have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that can temporarily provide the power supply you need during a power outage.

Desk, chair and adequate lighting.

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On top of the technical components of your home office, you should never forget the furniture that will provide the comfort you need while working. You need a desk that is big enough to accommodate all your things, an ergonomic chair to hold your back perfectly for long hours of sitting down and adequate lighting to minimise eye strain while working in front of a screen all day.

There are more components of a home office that you can check online and add to this list, but make sure that you have the basics to make your workspace functional. Always keep in mind that your home office should provide the functionality and comfort that you need.

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