Physical Attributes That Help Teens Land a Good Summer Job or Internship Program

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Out of all the many things teens dislike about school, dress codes are the ones they find the most ridiculous. They believe that their clothes don’t affect their school performance, so they don’t understand why they must be subject to rules. For that reason, they can’t wait to graduate and be free of dress codes. But when they enter the corporate world, they’d be surprised to find that dress codes also exist there.

That’s just the reality of life. We must comply with specific rules to be trusted. While not all companies impose a dress code, those that do don’t intend to judge employees based on what they wear. Instead, dress codes, along with other policies, are their way of creating order. For them, employees look more professional when they’re dressed smartly. Sure enough, when you encounter a store employee wearing their company uniform, you tend to trust them more than the employee without a uniform.

That said, some physical attributes really impact your working life. In a job interview, candidates that dress for the job have more chances of getting a second interview. On the contrary, those that show up as if they’re going to a party will probably never get the job. So if you’d get a summer job next year, or are anticipating an internship program, note that you can use these physical attributes to your advantage:

1. A Dazzling, Confident Smile

Both teen and adult job candidates can benefit from smiling during an interview. Smiling makes you more attractive, and attractive people tend to do better in life. That’s because they’re more confident, and their “halo effect” makes their employers or clients pay them more.

Thankfully, a nice smile is all it takes to boost your attractiveness. You don’t need expensive facials or cosmetic enhancements. Your teeth, however, may need some work. If you have untreated cavities, failed dental implants, or crowded teeth, visit your trusted dental clinic before applying for a job. When your teeth problems are treated in your teens, you’d have an easier time managing your oral health in adulthood.

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2. Corporate or Semi-corporate Attire That Fits You Well

Even if you’re only applying for a low-ranking position, dressing up well is essential. Employers also expect teen candidates to present themselves professionally. Your age isn’t an excuse to wear something too casual or flashy.

Girls should wear a button-down or polo shirt and a pair of khakis or slacks. A blazer may also be necessary. Boys should also don a button-down or polo shirt. Unless you’re applying for a job that requires that kind of attire, flannels, jersey tops, or anything denim isn’t acceptable.

But even so, avoid dressing too casually, even if the job isn’t an office-based one. Instead, go for smart casual attire. Girls can wear a cardigan instead of a blazer, while boys can sport a sweater instead of a suit.

Your clothes’ fit will matter too. If you obviously just borrowed your outfit, your employer might assume that you didn’t put much effort into dressing up. They could take that as a sign that you don’t want the job enough. Here’s an analogy: If you go on a date, and the boy or girl you’re seeing doesn’t look comfortable in their clothes, won’t you be a little put off? On the contrary, if your date looks sharp and happy with what they’re wearing, you’d absorb their incredible energy and feel more at ease in their presence.

Employers think the same way. So don’t antagonize dress codes, and use them instead to look good and successful.

3. Simple Makeup

Wearing makeup enhances your features and conceals flaws you’re not confident about. Plus, they make you look a little mature, which helps boost your professional image. However, make sure that your face makeup matches your skin tone. The wrong foundation shade can ruin your entire makeup look. Mind the shades of your eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush, too.

Depending on your skin tone, go for natural eyeshadow colors, like dark brown, beige, or tan. You don’t need to do a cut-crease or a dramatic cat-eye. Even makeup artists agree that less is more. Just complete your eye look with a thin stroke of eyeliner and a coat of mascara.

For your lipstick and blush, you can go for nude or rosy shades. Red lipsticks aren’t recommended unless you’re wearing all-black and the rest of your makeup is barely there.

Final Thoughts

Rules and standards regarding physical appearances aren’t bad. Some may be over-the-top, but usually, they exist not to judge but to instill discipline. And in the workplace, discipline is expected from each worker. So use dress codes and other superficial policies to your advantage.

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