The Technological Innovations Driven by the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Technology has always made our lives easier and more convenient. It has penetrated the operations of every existing industry and even entered the private home on a mission to improve people’s lifestyles. And even now, during the coronavirus pandemic’s difficult time, technology continues to be a beneficial tool for our wellness. From our safety to our entertainment, it has become a staple to our recovering society as technology is becoming a need in our daily lives. The benefits that we get from advanced technology, especially during this pandemic, are as follows.


Even before the onset of the coronavirus, we were already using social media to connect with people all over the world. People use chatting, calling, and video conferencing applications to keep in touch with family members and friends in faraway lands. This closes the physical distance and brings us all together as if we were interacting in person. Some use the convenience to find new connections with strangers, eventually making new friends and even romantic partners.

Even now, when physical contact can be the transmission mode of the virus, technology gives us the power to find new communities as we keep ourselves safe inside our homes. More importantly, it can help those who are physically and socially isolated from other people regulate their mental health.


Dissemination of information has become even more efficient with the advancement of technology. During this pandemic when the loss of physical contact slightly hindered communication,  technology is being used to link people with their usual sources of information. Business employees are made to work remotely as most processes can now be done digitally. Students have moved from physical classrooms to virtual ones where classes can be conducted with only the need for an internet connection. Even healthcare providers can be reached online to give their expert advice and guidance so that patients have the option not to visit clinics and hospitals where COVID-19 patients are confined.

Safety and Automation

The pandemic made us all take the precaution of wearing masks and socially distancing ourselves from others. It also left us scared for our lives whenever we have to go out in public and interact with objects that many other people use, like door handles, seats in transportation, and even money that a million different people have touched before us.

But contactless technological innovations continue to aid us during these desperate times. Wholesalers like Banner Solutions offer automated door hardware that eliminates the need to open doors using our hands. This provides an extra measure for our safety as more people are now going out in public but are not too careful about how they interact with their environment. There is also the use of robots to handle everything from serving and delivering food items to disinfecting entire rooms to control the spread of the virus.

Convenient Shopping

Online shopping is being embraced even more during this pandemic. Aside from its convenience, customers are even more enticed by the unlimited options in the brand, quality, and price of whatever item they need.  Products can be purchased online and delivered directly to people’s doorsteps. Services are also being booked and reserved through online appointments, incorporating digital payments for a truly contactless business transaction.

Shopping on the internet has also made it possible to avail items that became scarce in physical stores when the virus started to spread. Essential products like tissue paper, disinfectants, facial masks, and a few kinds of medical products saw a worldwide shortage when customers resorted to panic buying. Still, online stores catered to these needs, selling stored stocks in bulk for those that truly needed them.


Lastly, we cannot deny that when we were forced into our homes by the lockdowns that the government enforced, we turned to our computers and mobile devices to ease our boredom. People couldn’t go to theaters and concerts physically. Still, online streaming services made it possible to watch our favorite celebrities and shows on our computer screens without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Technology really exceeds its purpose of making our lives easier. It has now become a necessary tool to ensure our safety when diseases threaten our lives. But as with any advantageous object, technology has its limits and can bring about an entire list of drawbacks, mainly on the state of our environment. So we should all continue educating ourselves about how to properly use technology to harness all its positive effects while reducing its less than favorable impacts on our society.

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