When Striving For A Goal, It Never Hurts To Go Back To Basics

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There’s nothing wrong with being goal-driven and ambitious; in fact, these traits are often sought after by numerous people, be it for the sake of career advancement or starting an idea from scratch. As a result, people who’ve just begun or are in the middle of their self-improvement journeys cling onto these characteristics, leveraging the challenges they face every day with the help of values and honest work.

However, no after how determined you are to change and make better of yourself, nobody is exempt from failure, and those that fail to grasp that concept fall to the ground and hit rock bottom harder than Icarus. Luckily enough, there’s a simple way of keeping you grounded and maintaining clarity in your mind, and all you have to do is go back to the basics and understand why you started in the first place.

#1 Take A Step Back To Reassess Your Mindset

Mindset and determination both represent the two most important assets at your disposal, but just because these features are strong by nature doesn’t mean they can’t be tested by time. You see, the farther you reach without looking back and taking account of all the progress you’ve made causes your soul to search for an answer and be unsure of whether you’ve made any accomplishments at all. Therefore, it is in your best interests to take a step back to reassess your mindset because what worked for you before doesn’t apply to the circumstances you are in now.

#2 Seek Guidance And Professional Advice

We all gain wisdom and retain lessons from experiences throughout a self-improvement journey, but having to take the fall and going through every possible mistake in the book aren’t the only ways of learning and achieving growth. For example, an excellent way of going back to your roots is picking up a book again and seeking guidance from professional authors, measuring up their encounters with shortfalls, and finding out what you can learn from them. In doing so, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve read how others dealt with the same situation and can avoid their mistakes too.

#3 Reward Your Successes & Milestones

Sometimes, we just get too carried away with our careers and dedication to a project that we lose track of the many milestones we’ve reached so far. However, while there’s nothing wrong with showing devotion and commitment to your roadmap for success, you should never forget to address the elephant in the room of rewarding your efforts, especially when you deserve them. At the end of the day, this is a method of keeping you calm, collected, and aware of what’s happening and what’s to come next. Plus, a celebration here and there is a great way of rekindling passion as well.

#4 Don’t Shy Away From Planning Again

Everybody goes through setbacks, and regardless of whether you met a person who seems to have never broken the rule ever before, you might just be missing a few more details to the entire story. Remember, an essential principle of self-improvement is knowing that relapses and withdrawals will happen, and whether that’s coming from your battles with porn addiction or dealing with anxiety, it’s all just part of the process. So, instead of moping around and transforming into a worrywart, you should take the opportunity to gather your bearings and go back to planning once more.

Failure Is Proof Of Effort And Hard Work

Of course, we won’t deny that trodding through failure after failure is not the slightest bit easy, and while humoring yourself and keeping positive can work in the meantime, these intervention measures are entirely unsustainable. But, we shouldn’t also forget that failure is proof of all the effort you’ve put in, meaning that these (1) challenges will make you stronger and (2) highlight all the things that can still be fixed and improved.

  • Challenges Make Us Stronger: While people normally dread the thought of failure and despise it when it happens to them, challenges have the unique capacity of making us stronger when we least expect it. So, before you cower in fear and avoid the opportunity to go above and beyond, let’s hope that you didn’t miss out on an opportunity to grow out from your shell.
  • Highlights What You Need To Improve: Besides making us stronger by experience, the challenges that made you fail also highlight the skills you need and things you must improve if you want to be better. And while it’s impossible to achieve perfection, failure and mistakes are the two things most capable of coaching that will help you reach your goals.

Your Journey Doesn’t End Here.


In conclusion, hitting a bump and stumbling over doesn’t mark the end of your self-improvement journey because no one’s saying you can’t get back up again. And if you’re struggling to gather your bearings, we strongly recommend going back to the basics and reconnecting with your roots first.

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