Store Redesign as a Marketing Strategy

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Your store may be a place of business but it doesn’t have to be boring. We all know that storefronts and interiors should be aesthetically pleasing to entice customers to enter and look around. With this, they can be more compelled to purchase your products. But making the store beautiful may not be enough. You have to make it appropriate, up-to-date, and most of all, unique, to encourage customers to come back after their first purchase.

This is only one of the marketing strategies that you can employ but doing it right can prove to be very effective in increasing brand awareness and sales. Here are some design ideas that you can tailor to the kind of store that you are running:


Your business probably already has an established brand that your customers will recognize easily and this brand is composed of a working theme. Just as much as they will associate the theme with your name, they should also feel the same vibe in your store location. Before choosing a theme, you must analyze your entire business process and find something that will suit your vision.

The theme can be clean and professional or cozy and casual, depending on your business type. This will require a good eye as store decorations will have to always fit with the chosen aesthetic of your walls, shelves, floors, and other facilities.

Digital Wall Design

We have all seen how technology has elevated creativity in many people. Many artists have switched to digital art and graphic design, giving businesses the option to use the new form of art to their benefit. To follow this trend, you can make use of a digital video wall system to showcase your visual media advertisements.

This kind of technology is better than your usual smart screens as it can occupy a bigger, wider area, for example, an entire wall, to project whatever you want your customers to see. This system involves several panels that flawlessly blend into each other, eliminating distracting seam lines from view.

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Illusion of Space

Customers will always want to feel like they are free to roam around your store unobstructed by unnecessary things. Because of this, you will want to create an illusion of space even when your store is physically small and cramped. The most obvious way of doing this is to keep minimal decorations and displays to free up more visual space. Others make use of lighting, especially natural light from the outside, to open up the entire area.

Some stores have tall and wide mirrors to create an impression of a separate space beyond the walls of the store while also helping to reflect more light.

Instagrammable Space

Because of the rise of social media, people frequent places that have unique aesthetics to take pictures in and post on their online accounts. To bank on this, you may want to create a trendy or unusual structure to encourage more views. This can be anything from creative walls with art pieces or plants to act as a backdrop for your customers’ photos on their visit to your store, to weird and funny store decor that showcases some of your products and services. This strategy can also be a kind of free advertisement as your customers will post the photos online and will reach potential customers.

Go Green

One of the best ways to attract customers is to embrace the green trend. Aside from incorporating more plants in your store, going green means choosing more sustainable processes in your business operations. This can mean selling more environment-friendly products, using recyclable materials in your dealings, and properly disposing or recycling the wastes you produce. Letting your customers know about your goal of helping the environment can gather much support from those that do care about the state of our surroundings.

But it is important to genuinely embrace this move to sustainability and not deceive people with halfhearted efforts just to get some sales. After all, you can always benefit from using energy-saving equipment and purchasing used furniture to save the environment.

These are only some ideas that you can use to enhance the appeal of your store. You can fine-tune most of them to better suit your business. But remember that not just any idea will work as it should always be consistent with your branding. If it clashes with the established name of your business, your customers might be confused when they enter your store and leave a bad aftertaste, possibly steering them away from your shop in the future. So, always do your research and find the best course of action to take, especially when you are trying to garner more customers to support your brand.

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