Social Media Marketing: Tactics for Funneling in Engagements

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There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the internet is known for having a major influence on our lives. Whether it’s entertainment, as a source of information, communication, and conducting business, the data highways of the internet can be used in a variety of ways. But in most cases, the majority of users will use the internet for social media purposes.

Every single day, billions of users access social media. In fact, it’s known that the average user will spend around two hours and three minutes on social media.  This is one reason why many online and local businesses use social media: a steady online presence. Being able to reach out to thousands and possibly millions of users in your area can effectively skyrocket the popularity of your product and increase social media engagements.

Most would say that social media engagement is one of the best ways to strengthen the relationship between customers and update them on upcoming product promotions and events related to your business. When customers are engaged, they’ll be more interested in buying your product. Being responsive to these potential consumers on social media platforms can also increase customer experience in the long run. After all, the majority of customers are willing to pay for better customer service.

However, the process of increasing engagements in social media platforms is easier said than done. Here are some important things that you should consider if you plan on funneling in engagements and spreading the word about your business.

Create Engaging Content

First and most importantly, one of the best ways of increasing your engagements and funneling in sales towards your organization is by creating worthwhile and engaging content that will convince people. One of the main reasons people usually use social media is to look for new products, services, or solutions to their daily problems; this is where most businesses step in.

To draw in your target market, you should think about creating content revolving around trends and topics relevant to the industry. This can come in the form of articles, photos, and videos that can draw the attention of the target demographic. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far since a professional advertising agency uses many tactics for funneling in engagements. Whether it’s digital marketing, PR campaigns, and making creative ads, many of these marketers will definitely make sure that you get higher conversion rates in no time.

Respond to Questions and Queries

Next, a crucial part of ensuring that your customer base is engaged is by ensuring that you respond to their questions and queries. Many of these questions are usually related to products and issues that users have encountered in the process. Answering all kinds of questions and comments in social media posts increases engagements, but answering queries wittily can also increase customer satisfaction.

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Contests and Promotions Are Your Best Friend

Everyone loves a contest that can give them a good chance of winning. If there’s a worthwhile prize to this content, there’s a good chance to gain a good amount of traction. Not only will this help funnel in engagements, but you’ll also get more attention from other customers that might prefer other brands and businesses.

Still, you need to ask yourself the following questions right before setting up contests and events that can help promote your business:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What type of products are services are they interested in?
  • Will the reward and prize get them interested in your business?
  • How will they disseminate information?
  • Do they prefer videos or content?

Post During Slower Hours

Lastly, one of the most important things that you must remember is that hundreds or thousands of businesses within the same industry also compete for views and engagements from the same target demographic. Since you have competitors, the last thing that you want is your posts being drowned out by other posts from competitors.

Usually, most marketers would say that you should maximize your views and engagements by posting during peak hours, where most people are usually online. But contrary to what most people think, the best time to start posting on social media is during slower hours. Why? Well, you shouldn’t be posting when all your media posts and content are going to be drowned out, especially when everybody will be posting their marketing posts during these peak hours.

When you’re posting during slow hours, you’re getting more organic clicks and engagements from customers that are more willing to spend a bit more time knowing about your products and services.

As you can see, you need to consider various things when it comes to social marketing. Although, you shouldn’t let these strategies and factors fluster you. It might seem a bit complex at times, but it’s one of the easier ways of increasing your engagements.

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