Digital Marketing: Promoting Your Flight School amid the Pandemic

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There’s no denying the impact of the pandemic on the aviation industry. Consider the lockdowns in different parts of the world and the travel restrictions imposed by various authorities. The goal is to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and mitigate the COVID-19 infection.

But surprisingly, the private aviation sector, such as jet charters, has boomed amid the global health crisis. Also, it’s good that many countries have started lifting their travel restrictions this year. Many individuals and families have begun traveling, albeit with health and safety measures in mind.

If you own a flight school, you must be robust in your digital marketing strategies now more than ever. That said, here’s how to promote your flight school during this pandemic:

1. Update your website for marketing

As a flight school, you may already have a website that features your school and the types of flight classes and pilot training courses you offer. As such, it’s essential to update your website now more than ever. Why? As people have got stuck indoors, they have heavily relied on online search.

Individuals who want to become a pilot will most likely search online for prospective schools. That said, make sure to update your site by ensuring its aesthetics, functionality, user experience (UX), and mobile-friendliness.

2. Implement SEO and PPC campaigns

Apart from having a website for your flight school, you want to ensure your potential students can easily and quickly find you. When they search online, you want your site and content to appear on the search engine results pages or SERP’s top ranking.

That is where search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising come into the picture. Both strategies aim to boost your online visibility and website traffic. But while SEO is for organic search, PPC is a paid search, where you’ll have to pay for every successful click.

3. Employ email marketing

Another ideal promotional strategy for your flight school is email marketing. The use of emails has long been proven effective in the world of business. However, you must conduct research and perform due diligence to generate qualified leads. These leads are students who will most likely enroll in your flight classes and pilot training.

Once you have leads in place with their email addresses, send them details about your flight school. Who knows? One or some might be interested in attending your classes during this pandemic.

4. Harness the power of content marketing

Content is king in the digital world, and this applies to promoting a flight school as well. Amid the global health crisis, you want to give interested individuals the utmost hope about the aviation industry.

In fact, the private jet charter businesses have boomed, where some individuals may want to get pilot training. That way, they can get the necessary training and certification required to run a business. It’s best to tackle these topics and subjects on your website. That said, create a blog and consistently publish valuable and relevant content in the aviation industry.

5. Take advantage of social media

We can no longer deny the power of social media in this time and age. In fact, there are currently about 4.5 billion social media users around the world. The number has further spiked during the pandemic as many individuals have stayed indoors.

Out of these numbers, expect a certain percentage of those who are interested in aviation. What’s good about social media channels is how they allow you to reach out to your target market. From there, you can engage with your prospective students and convince them to attend your flight classes.

6. Utilize digital tools and technologies

The use of digital tools and technologies has become increasingly popular among various industries. The aviation sector is no exception. Think of the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence, and even manufacturing robotics in the industry. You can utilize these digital tools and technologies for your flight school.

For instance, you can incorporate extended realities (ER) such as virtual reality and augmented reality. They can assist your students in their flight training and classes even in the comfort of their homes.

At this point, you now know what it takes to promote your flight school during this pandemic. Consider some digital marketing strategies recommended above, from SEO to content marketing to social media management. With all these in place, you’ll get more and more students to attend your flight classes and pilot training. Ultimately, you’ll be able to contribute to more professionals in the aviation industry amidst the pandemic.

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