Starting Over: Selecting a New Path for Your Career

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Most of us choose a career based on interests that we developed during childhood. However, interests and priorities may change through the years, and you may suddenly find yourself having a career that you’re not happy with. Fortunately, you can always change your career path and figure out which job is perfect for you.

To do this, you should be sure of your career goals that best reflect your skills and interests. Your potential ventures should match your qualities and passion for keeping you motivated because a fulfilling career is one of the key indicators of a happy life.

There are essential factors to consider when you decide it’s time for a career change.

Know Your Interests and Skills

Reflect on your interests, talents, and skills to find out the best career path for you. What you like doing during your spare time and what you’re good at can translate into a new profession. If you enjoy organizing events, monetize this quality by working as a program manager or event planner.

If you’re a pet lover like most people, you can take classes to be a pet photographer or trainer. Better yet, consider having a pet sitting franchise so you can work on your own time and be your own boss. Being around pets can also improve your physical and mental wellness, especially after leaving your old job.

Consider Networking

One of the biggest challenges of getting into a new field is not knowing where to start. Consult people in your professional and personal networks to give you an idea of what to expect in your next potential career. You can use social media to find professionals in your desired field, message them, and tell them you’re interested in learning about their industry.

Discover Your Personality Type

A personality test indicates the qualities that can help you select a career that suits you best. It can help you avoid a job that’s not compatible with your personality as it can result in a stressful work environment and an unfulfilling career.

These tests won’t give you a conclusive answer on what you should do with your career. They only serve as helpful tools in your career planning and help you make a better choice.

Do Your Research

If you have a shortlist of jobs you might want to pursue, do a quick online query of their education requirements and salaries, then read interviews and watch videos about their company culture. You can also reach out to people in those fields so that you can obtain firsthand information about what their work looks like.

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Benefits of a Career Change

Gives You More Freedom

Your first career may be based on other people’s expectations or due to financial reasons. Once you finish those obligations, you now have an opportunity to pursue your passion, make your own choices, and follow your dreams. Doing things that you love will make you feel more fulfilled and can even make you more money.

For instance, choosing to start your own business gives you more independence and control. You do what you want, when and how you want it. Being in charge of deciding what’s best for your product or service allows you more freedom to express your creativity and skills.

You Gain More Learning Opportunities

Choosing a new career path encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. When you start to feel like there’s no room for advancement, choose a career where you’ll learn something new and push your limits to further expand your knowledge.

Gives You Greater Happiness

One of the first things you consider in making a career change is your happiness. When you venture into a career that makes you feel more engaged, you feel satisfied regardless if it’s challenging because it’s what makes you happy.

Finding a new career path is not an easy journey. You have to figure out what type of career best suits your interests, make a plan, and do enough research before making your move. Make sure you know all the risks, especially if you’re entering an industry that you’re not too familiar with.

Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s all part of the process. The only way to know if you’re going to succeed in a particular field is by trying. It will take time and effort, and there will be times when you’ll have doubts and worries. The real risk is doing nothing — don’t let that stop you from pursuing the career you want.

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