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E-commerce is a profitable industry, especially now that consumers turn to online shopping to stay safe from the coronavirus pandemic. In this industry, sales cycles are quick, unlike in other industries where marketers have to attract and nurture leads for a long time. But there’s a catch: online shoppers have no problem abandoning a cart or clicking out a website if they are not satisfied with the pages. It’s easy for them to look for other shops that present similar products in a more glamorous and convenient way.

Whether you’re new or have been in the e-commerce industry for long, keep in mind that product pages can make or break an online sale. If the shopper has the slightest hesitation, you will lose them. To make sure you convert almost every visitor to your website, here are some tips to improve product pages:

Put your shopper at ease

Your product page doesn’t only have to include a product photo and a short description. But it should also address any concerns a potential buyer might have. Say, you offer clothing items. A sizing chart can help assure buyers that the pants or shirts are going to fit them. If you sell gadgets, list specs and have a short FAQ section to address concerns like, “How long is the battery life?” or “Is there a warranty?” Think of how used car lots do it: they paint or label a car window with price, engine type, and other crucial details.

Post customer reviews

Even if they come from a stranger, online reviews work like recommendations you get from your mom or best friend. So, have them on your product pages. Perhaps, you already do, but are they impactful? You can integrate apps that make social media ratings appear visually compelling on your e-commerce site.

If you find it difficult to collect enough reviews, consider reminding them that their feedback is important to you through remarketing emails or social media posts. Also, make the process of writing a review easier; set a dedicated page for it and fill it with a star-rating tool, dropdown menus, and upload boxes.

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Maximize exit-intent pop-ups

Exit-intent popups are boxes that appear before you leave a website, saying something like, “Leaving already?” If not done right, these pop-ups can be annoying and even hurt your branding or reputation. But with a snappy copy, good CTA, and well-planned intention, these pop-ups can help you retain a lead.

Perhaps, the buyer is not ready yet to check out their cart. But you can collect their email or pique their interest more with a creative, engaging, and well-designed exit-intent pop-up. That way, you can nudge them with remarketing emails and special offers, or simply stay in touch with them to gain their loyalty.

Getting a potential buyer to land on your product page means you’ve done your marketing right. But your product pages have to deliver what you’ve promised in your ad or press release. These pages have to be comprehensive, engaging, and easy to navigate. And if the user is not yet convinced, drop an exit popup.

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