How Can You Look Good on Zoom Meetings?

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Zoom meets and other virtual meets are here to stay, at least for the next five years. The trend started last year and seemed to have been adopted well. No matter what profession you are in, you must be attending one too. Today, company meetings, HR interviews, training sessions, and appraisals are happening through virtual meets.

If you thought that you could get away with unkempt hair and dirty skin, think again. You are getting noticed. With remote working opportunities, you have a lot of responsibilities to attend to. And that includes looking good at video conferences and meets. There are umpteen things that you need to take care of while attending such meetups. You have to look your absolute best to make the most of each meet or call.

Here you will know how to look good on such occasions.

Check the Lighting

This is critical. You must be wondering why to worry about lighting so much. It is supposed to be the prerogative of photographers, but that’s not how it is anymore. You need to project yourself professionally, and for that to happen, you need to be seen. Day meetings are better as you do not have to rely on artificial lights. A large window in the living area or bedroom can be a boon. Ensure to face the window.

An illuminated face with proper expressions can convey your feelings then and there. It shows how serious you are. If you sit in front of a light source, you will be engulfed in shadows. If all the faces on the multiple windows are visible, it leads to more focus. Moreover, if you are using artificial lights, use lampshades and diffusers. They will reduce harsh shadows and make you look subtle.

Be Well-groomed

You can ace your Zoom meet by dressing the way you would at the office. Some people just put on a top or shirt, as mostly the top part of the body is visible. However, that is something wrong as a casual attitude reflects through the entire session. Always wear solids or neutrals, as you would in the office. Brush your hair properly so that it stays away from your face. Additionally, you should also keep your makeup subtle.

Apart from your makeup, attire, and hair, you need to pay attention to your smile as well. And, that is only possible when you take your teeth seriously. Yellow teeth peeping through may not be a good sight. Therefore, a visit to a reputable dental clinic is a must. Most of you have become lazy while working from home. However, you cannot neglect your health and well-being for those same reasons. Staying healthy and well-groomed can keep you confident and stress-free. Moreover, oral health is related to chronic ailments like diabetes and cardiac diseases as well.

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Check the Background

Sit in front of a wall, or you could use a screen. A dark-colored background helps to make your presence on camera more profound. Stay away from patterns as they can be distracting for the other participants. If you are unable to get that perfect background, use custom backgrounds available on Zoom.

Position Your Camera Appropriately

You should always ensure to place the camera just looking down on you. It can be at the level of your hairline. Most of you would agree that focusing on the nose is not the best in photography. In the Zoom meeting, you also need not be very close to the camera. Keep it at a safe distance away from you. You also need to ensure that the camera is not set at a wide angle. It can distort the face. Sometimes, the in-built camera of your laptop can be low quality or just plain uncomfortable due to adjustment issues. You can try an external webcam to solve this issue.

Utilize Sound Technology

So, you are putting all your focus on looks and presentation. However, the sound is as important too. If no one can listen to you properly, there is no point in attending the meeting. Use headphones so that you do not miss out on any important message.

There might be external noises coming from the kitchen, or you may have a neighbor who loves to play loud music in the daytime. Moreover, you do not have any control over the honking of cars. Hence, use a headphone that helps control the background noise. Wearing a good quality headphone set with an in-built microphone can be an excellent idea. If that’s not possible, remember to mute when you are not talking. Spare the attendees from getting distracted by the background noises.

Now, you have your arsenal ready to get the most out of the Zoom meetings. Zoom also has a ‘touch-up’ feature for last-minute cover-ups. Use that, but with good lighting. Get going with that meeting for success.

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