Let’s Talk: Dealing with Community Conflict

Have you noticed how the mood of the people around you has changed recently? Have you also been noticing these changes in yourself? This could be because of the ongoing global health crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been taking a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health. Many people have been experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. These symptoms may have been causing conflict among family members or even in the local community.

Within a given area, whether you hold a high position in the community or otherwise, it is vital to learn how to resolve conflicts. Learning this skill may prevent friction between neighbors and community members and even potential injury.

Given the difficult circumstances recently, how can you resolve conflict within a community while preserving mental health?

Conflict Resolution Within a Community

Encountering conflicts and arguments within a community is a normal part of society. This is why each community member needs to learn how to peacefully resolve these conflicts so that both parties involved can go on with their lives normally.

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In terms of other types of conflict, there are ways in which you can manage them on your own. For example, if you are dealing with a neighbor, you could follow these steps on how to properly handle the situation.

The first thing you should do is to accept that there is conflict. As mentioned, encountering conflict is a natural part of a community, so it is essential to acknowledge this fact. Once you do, there will open a new opportunity for growth, understanding, and better communication.

When facing a conflict, whether you are directly involved or simply intervening between two parties, remember to stay calm or be the calming agent between the two concerned individuals. The escalation of tension in a given situation will depend on how you can properly manage your potential temper or aggression.

Allow each party to explain themselves. This will help you analyze the conflict at hand. Clarifying the cause of the problem will assist in resolving the issue. Be objective in asking questions and in explaining your side. Work together in resolving the problem.

In the end, you can also agree to disagree. People have their differences which, sometimes, cannot be avoided. Individuals are unique, and you should not force a specific point of view on a person. This might only cause the issue to escalate further.

Resolving the conflict between members of the community involves understanding and proper communication. Without these aspects, it will be difficult to settle on an agreement between two parties. There should also be a sense of respect towards each other to handle the situation properly.

Dealing with conflict can affect your mental health. Are there ways that can avoid unnecessary conflict within a community?

Causes of Conflict

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Although it was mentioned that conflict is a natural part of being a member of a community, some conflicts can be avoided if only preventive measures are put in place. What are these preventive measures?

Inconsistent communication can cause misunderstandings among community members. For example, this could happen between a tenant and a landlord. As part of a given community, it is your responsibility to maintain good communication with those around you.

Personal values and beliefs vary among community members. This is a fact that cannot be changed because each individual is unique. No one can impose a specific belief on an individual unless they want to invite conflict. To avoid this, community members should respect each other’s beliefs and values no matter how much they differ from one another.

Knowing your responsibilities within a community will also prevent conflict. If you have a specific role or responsibility within your neighborhood that you fail to accomplish, there is no doubt that conflict will soon arise within your area. Avoid this by committing to your responsibilities religiously.

During these challenging times, we should be proactive in being more responsible members of our community. We are already dealing with so many changes and stressors that we should work together to avoid aggravating the situation.

Respect, understanding, and proper communication are the ingredients to a strong community. Try to contribute to your community by providing a lasting positive impact within your neighborhood.

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