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Have you ever thought about reviving the music industry after the COVID-19? Like the other industries, the music industry also suffered a significant loss caused by the pandemic. The music industry is facing an unexpected blow and impacting the economy of the artists. The way lockdown policy has brought mass unemployment for the employees in the industry. It is because they canceled concerts and live performances.

The collateral impact from each of the individuals affecting the state’s economy in general. COVID-19 even affected the state that was once on the top of the music industry. Future marketing strategies are needed to promote the hidden gems and help the states to recover from the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Illinois is one of the very well-known states for its contribution to the music industry, while Chicago was known as “the major center for music in the midwestern United States.”

Will you participate in reviving the industry?

Music Contribution

Currently, Chicago is known for its hip hop artists. There is Kanye West, for example. The independent music industry also starts emerging in Illinois. They provide places for the musicians to expand their presence in the industry.

In the past, Chicago’s contributions to the music industry were very impactful. Other than hip hop and rock, the state is also well known for its contribution to various genres. Back in the 20th century, Chicago is known for its contribution to the field of blues, jazz, and gospel.

This brings Complex in 2013, which ranked Illinois as one of the top 10 states based on its contribution towards music. But it was almost a decade ago. As time passed by, other states started to surpass Illinois.

And when the COVID-19 struck the world, it caused Illinois’s music industry to become even more vulnerable.


In the most recent update of states’ ranks based on the music industry, Illinois ranked 39. The state’s music industry is suffering not only from the fall of its rank but also from the amount of unemployment. It is saddening that the job count for the musicians in Illinois is 0. That number showed the struggle of the musicians to survive during the COVID-19.

The news reported that 90% of Chicago’s independent music venues would close due to COVID-19. With the closure of music venues, the musicians’ struggle will become even worse. Without a proper plan, it’s hardly possible to restore the music industry after the pandemic.

Discovering new opportunities for the musician will inciting new ideas. One way to discover new opportunities is to find the state’s hidden gem.

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The Hidden Gem

Creating new business and marketing strategies is not a one-person job. You will be required to work with other people. This makes sure that the workload won’t be overwhelming, and new ideas can be discovered.

Therefore, the first step is community creation. Creating a community that has the same vision will also help you to expand your networking.

After you’ve created the community, it’s time to find the gem. One of the hidden gems for the musicians to see in Illinois is located in the suburbs of Chicago. It is the city of Illinois called Naperville. Why is it a hidden gem?

Naperville ranked 1st as the safest city in America, especially to raise a child. It is also located not too far from Chicago. It has a prominent place for the musicians to hold a performance, the Wentz Concert Hall. The Wentz Concert Hall belongs to North Central College, where many talented students have their art and music lessons.

From all of the information, Naperville might be a perfect place to become a marketing strategy. It has many strategic values, and its hidden potential will be very challenging to expand because some people find joy in discovering new experiences, including new and unexpected places.

The performing artist’s industry is struggling to put themselves together after the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden blow from the lockdown policy has put a lot of musicians in a disadvantaged situation. It is impacting not only individuals but also the city. For example, Illinois was once known as the top 10 cities for its contribution to the music industry. But they had fallen and ranked 39 in the most recent update. It is just one of many states that are suffering as a result of the pandemic.

With the hope for a better world after the pandemic, the hidden gem for the musicians should be revealed to the world. The more people spread the information about them, the bigger their chance to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Have you found your hidden gem?

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