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When you are an employee, you have a set of rights. One of these is the fact that your employer can’t fire you for no reason and that you also have some privileges when you leave employment.   If you suddenly lose your job for no reason, then you might have a case of wrongful termination. Here are some tips so that you know what to do in such a case:

Find Out if You Have a Case

One of the first things you need to do is find out if you have a case. There is one basic rule of thumb for this: if your employee violated the law to fire you, then you most likely have a case. This can range from anti-discrimination laws, which are implemented at the federal level, to firing you as retaliation for your actions. That is why it is important to find a good employment attorney in Denver and other urban areas. They will be able to clear up this fact.

There are some instances where an employer might have a legal reason to terminate you. Mass layoffs and a reduction in the workforce because the business can’t afford it may sound unfair but they are pretty legal. Additionally, if you did something bad such as poor performance, then your employer will have a reason to get rid of you.

Behave Calmly

The usual response nowadays when something unfair happens is to immediately bad mouth the other party. This is often through social media. This response is natural but it is not the smart way. What you should do is to stop and think about what to do. Being quiet and doing something about your termination is the best approach since it will help in the chances of your suit.

Become Familiar With Your Contract


You will have a copy of your employment contract at home. If you do get terminated out of the blue, you should sit down with it. This can show you what exactly can the company terminate you for. The contract will also tell you what you have the rights to. For example, you might have a severance package outlined in your contract. This might be useful when it comes to the coming negotiations.

Contact Your Company

Though it is tempting to just surprise your company with a lawsuit, there are several pieces of information that your old company will have to provide you. For one, they need to provide you with the actual reason for your termination. That will be one of the foundations of your case. Without a good reason and a formal letter to identify it, then you have a pretty good case. The person behind your firing should also be identified.

Besides that, you will also need to ask for a copy of your personnel files. If you have been a model employee or at least doing your job well, then those files will reflect that.

Being fired for no reason at all is a major problem. Besides losing a source of income, it can be a black mark on your employment record. That is why it is important that you fight the wrongful termination. The tips above should be able to help out with that. Heed their advice and you can be sure to come out okay.

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