Keeping the Vintage Look of Your Community


It’s pretty understandable that a community like yours should keep up with the changing times. People in your community redesign the surroundings such as parks, stores, and houses to give them the modern look and not make your community feel left behind by neighboring communities who are doing the same thing.

This is good for your community because it invites more people to visit your community to either live in it or invest in many of its businesses. But then, it would be nice if you keep the vintage look of your community while keeping up with the changes of modern times.

Why Keep the Vintage Look of Your Community

Here’s why keeping the vintage look is good for your community:

  • Many people still love the nostalgic atmosphere. Whether they be from a past or present era, local tourists love visiting your community which represents a nostalgic atmosphere. People from an old era such as the 1930s or the 1950s feel as if they’re thrown back into the past and experience again the joy of living in such eras. On the other hand, visitors from the present time get the chance to experience the era your community represents which they read only from books or hear from the old folks.
  • It Improves the tourism industry in your community. Because many people come to visit your community because of its unique atmosphere, your community experiences and enjoys economic growth. As visitors pour into your community, so does money which helps your community and its people experience economic stability and security. People who go to your community not only stroll around but buy things like food, clothes, and souvenir items.
  • It increases the value of your community. Because your community has managed to retain the atmosphere of the era it represents, its value as an important landmark in the country increases. Your community does not only enjoy economic growth but also the prominence of being one of the most important communities in the country. Such importance keeps you featured in printed and electronic reading materials.

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How to Preserve the Vintage Look of Your Community

It is because of these reasons that you should strive to preserve the unique atmosphere and look of your community. Here are the ways of doing it:

  • Check for things that may need to be replaced or repaired. Instead of tearing down an old structure in your community, you may want to have it repaired or replaced. This is what is done in Japan when old castles undergo repair. Instead of building a new one in its place, parts such as worn-out rocks are replaced with new ones. In this way, you keep your community looking the same way as it was in the past.
  • Enhance the surroundings. People won’t mind if you spruce up the surroundings a bit while preserving the old era-look of your community. Some of the things you can do to spruce up the surroundings are planting colorful flowers and putting up benches for guests to rest in. Such enhancements would allow not only the residents but the guests as well to enjoy going around in your community.

Why Add Modern Features to Your Community

While striving to preserve the nostalgic air in your community, you should also add some modern features for the following reasons:

  • Security. Times have changed and people including those of the guests in the community need to feel secure and protected. This can be done by setting a security system with the help of commercial security system companies like those in Scottsdale. The community can also set up a neighborhood watch that will patrol the streets of the community. Doing so would keep people in the community safe.
  • Ease in doing business transactions. Your community should also make it easy for the guests and its members to make business transactions. It would not hurt if you install modern accouterments like automatic teller machines (ATMs) or WIFI in different areas in the community. Remember that scene in the movie Strange wherein the main character was surprised when he was given the password to the temple’s WIFI system.

Preserving the vintage look is not only good but also important for your community. It allows people from a past era as well as those from the present time to relive and enjoy a time which they might consider as better than the present period. That is why there is a need to balance the modern as well as the historic atmosphere in your community.

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