Parks and Recreation: Importance of Community Facilities


It is amazing how the internet makes us feel connected even though we could be many miles apart. But for those of us growing up before social media and instant messaging became a thing, a good part of our childhood is spent on community facilities.

Amid the city’s populated areas or quiet small towns, our parks serve as a place for adventure. It can be the Himalayas, the Wild West, or Mars as it needs to be. We have spent several summers rolling down the hills, and several snowball fights on the vast snow-covered grounds during winters.

For some of us, our public libraries serve as our second home. Remember that cool feeling when you have your first library card? The multitude of books carries us to adventures on faraway lands, building our young minds and fueling our imaginations.

Why We Need to Improve Our Parks and Other Community Facilities

Perhaps most of us have seen the T.V. show Parks and Recreation. Remember when Leslie Knope had to fight her way for several of her community projects? It is a real-life portrayal of how it is for the Parks and Recreation Departments in most cities and towns.

In a 2017 article by Urban Institute, data gathered showed that only 2 percent of both state and local expenditures are given to develop community facilities. More so now with the ongoing pandemic, chances are, there are no, if not meager, funds allocated for these facilities.

While our government has to allot more resources to crucial sectors, as members and leaders of our local community, we should lobby more that parks and other community facilities be given value. After all, improving our community facilities will ultimately benefit us in the end.

Improve the General Quality of Life in the Community

Good parks and other community facilities make your neighborhood seem like a sociable and pleasant place to live. With a lively outdoor and cultural life, residents would be enticed to spend more time in the community. This fosters camaraderie and makes everyone feel part of a much larger family.

Widen Exposure & Opportunities to Cultural, Physical, & Intellectual Activities

Not every one of us is lucky enough to come from an affluent family. For those in the lower margin in terms of socioeconomic status, their introduction to art, the world of books, athletics, and various other pursuits is through affordable and accessible community facilities.

With improved community art centers, museums, and sports facilities, your town or city could change a life of a wayward youth.

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Help Prevent Crimes & Anti-Social Behavior

The more we progress technologically, the more evils are lurking, ready to lure our children and youth. Furthermore, most parents today are too busy juggling two or three jobs to raise a family without enough time to supervise their kids.

With community facilities, children and youth are given a chance to enjoy healthier alternatives to spend their free time on. They have better places to go and enriching activities to participate in.

Improve Economic Climate

Like how a nice community attracts new residents, it can also entice businesses to relocate to the area. Businesses would want to be in an area with good community facilities. With more business coming in, it means better jobs and a higher tax base. All of these lead to a healthier local economy.

Instill Sense of Community Pride

It cannot be denied that living in a well-respected and good neighborhood gives you a sense of pride.

As a result of this, people living in communities with good facilities are more likely to promote the grooming and maintenance of the community environment. They are more likely to foster and support local events, fostering vibrant and fulfilling community life.

How We Can Improve Our Community Facilities

There are plenty of ways to improve our community facilities, starting from small things like a clean-up drive to major ones such as hiring a general contractor to renovate a facility. Nonetheless, here are some cool ideas to help improve our parks and other community facilities:

  1. Put Sustainability on the Frontline. It could simply be replacing the lights in the sports centers and parks with LED or solar-powered ones.
  2. Plant More Trees. Trees and plants can significantly improve the air quality in your city or town.
  3. Update the Library. Just because there is the internet does not mean libraries are dead. Update the local library with new books and technological innovations. There are still people, both young and old, who enjoy spending time at libraries.
  4. Make Your Garbage Bins Fancy. If your city or town does not have a budget for mural or street art, then turn your garbage bins and fences into colorful creations to beautify the streets.
  5. Network Your Alleys. Alleyways can be scary, especially for major city areas. But your town or city can transform this dark and scary space into a colorful place. Get inspired by how Vancouver turned their alleys into cafes, basketball courts, and recreational areas.

A lot of us may have overlooked the value of these community facilities. Even leaders may see it as unnecessary extras when government budgets are tight. However, even in this day and age, we can all agree that they help improve the community’s quality of life.

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