How to Use Your Smart Home to Beat COVID-19 Blues

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You don’t need to take a roll call to know who is affected by the current pandemic. It’s a given: we all are. Indeed, there’s no question about it. We all are in pain. And who wouldn’t? At some point, you may feel you could explode if you stayed home a day longer, right? The truth is, the majority of us are going through a roller-coaster ride in emotions during this period. Indeed, loneliness and depression are on the rise during the pandemic. Many are finding themselves hanging on to dear hope to stay alive.

It’s no surprise that the majority of Americans today got COVID-19 blues. And it’s not pretty. For one, you’ll have trouble sleeping as fear and worry eats you alive. If you’re not too sure if you got the blues, here are particular signs and symptoms to help you.

The thing about the blues is it’s a productivity killer. COVID-19 blues can leave you doing nothing all day but worry. The good news is you can use the benefits of a smart home to help you overcome it. So you can get back on your feet and start building a great future ahead despite the pandemic. Check out essential devices to bring you back up.

Light Therapy

Don’t get us wrong. But one of the main reasons for mood swings and depression to set it during the pandemic is our non-exposure to sunlight. It’s true. Many people are basically imprisoned, trapped in their homes for months. And for that reason, our body failed to get enough vitamin D which is present in sunlight.

Indeed, the rays of the sun are a shot in the arm when it comes to your mood. Studies show that shift workers who were exposed to sunlight had a better mood throughout their shift. Plus, they had better appetites and healthier immune systems. It shows just how important sunlight is to a better living.

The problem is we can’t get enough sunlight these days. So what’s the way forward? Well, this is where light therapy comes into the picture.

To this end, you can opt for a light similar to sunlight in your home. Take note that there are light therapy lamps that are effective for this purpose. This way, your body absorbs enough light and helps improve your mood. The good thing about these lamps is that they are set to give you just the right amount of light energy. For one, when your body has absorbed enough light, the lamp goes off. Neat right? With constant exposure to the light, improved mood should follow.

Keeping You Warm

Another thing you want to make sure of is that your house is as warm and comfortable as can be. To achieve this, you need an effective heater in your home. But then again, the bills go way over the top when using heaters consistently in your home. This is where a smart thermostat comes in handy.

With a smart thermostat, you can control your aircon even from far away when you’re not home. So when you are on your way home, you can easily adjust the temperature of the room before you arrive.

Even better, a smart thermostat can help you easily adjust the children’s room heater even when you are in your room. Not only does this save a lot of time, but you also save a lot of energy in the process.

Take note that a portable table-top heater spells tons of convenience for your kids. First stop, you can position it just about anywhere. So you and your children can enjoy a quality environment in just about any room as portable as it is.

Dance to Feel-good Music

The power of music to elevate your mood is unassailable. Even better, music helps your overall well-being by lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rate.

So listening to feel-good music should do the trick to boost your mood almost immediately. To boot, it appeals to your ears and enlivens your soul, lightening your mood up in the process. An even better idea is to dance your blues away. Moving your body to the beat lifts your mood and eases your anxiety.

In this regard, you can use Pandora or Spotify and play music on your smart speakers. Or better yet, link your Google Home to your music streaming app.

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Watch a Movie

Last but not least is Netflix and chill. When it comes to getting rid of COVID blues, you can effectively do so with movies. Look up great shows that people love and start watching. With a smart TV or even just your smartphone, you can catch up on shows you haven’t watched in a while. It wouldn’t be a crime to binge-watch movies and shows these days with all the time you have.

To make things a bit more interesting, do this with some friends or family members. It helps increase the excitement. Have popcorn, snacks, chocolate, and drinks available. That should multiply the fun.

Indeed, a smart home is just one step closer to a healthier, saner you. You just have to get the action going and start the ball rolling.


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