How to Get Your Dream Promotion


Most of us grew up believing that hard work pays off. While this is the case for many people, hard work might not be enough if you’re eyeing a promotion. Climbing the corporate ladder doesn’t always have a good reputation. But let’s be honest, we all want proper recognition for our excellence.

If you’re aiming for a higher position or bigger salary, you first need to show that you are an essential asset to the organization. Yet if you want something bigger, perhaps an executive position, the following tips can help you achieve your professional goals.

How To Get Promoted


Help your boss

You have probably been working your role for a while. And at this point, you already know what bothers your boss the most. Make your boss’s job easier by being dependable in all circumstances. Being a helpful employee shows that you are a team player and willing to invest big time contributing more.

Improve your communication skills

Promotion usually comes with bigger responsibilities, and often, these responsibilities will require you to lead. And when you’re a leader, you will work with more people, and that’s why communication skills are vital.

Find ways to improve your communication skills as early as you can. Learn how to communicate with different kinds of people and practice a professional approach in doing so. Effective communication is helpful when you finally step into a more prominent role.

Ask how to improve

Don’t hesitate to ask people for ways to improve yourself. You might be doing a great job already, but there’s always room for improvement, find that. Ask some people how you can do your job better.

JCIT IT Solutions values employee growth so much that even though its workers are experts already, they still try to help them expand their skills and learn further. You should also do the same and focus on growing every day.

Be kind

To build strong and healthy relationships in the organization, you need to be kind and friendly to your co-workers. Often, bosses promote employees who have great relationships with their peers because that will make them better leaders.

Besides, employers usually ask for the inputs of their workers. If you have a good reputation, your colleagues will vouch for you as they see how kind and friendly you are.

Recognize your co-workers

Getting a promotion isn’t always about you. Your boss will promote you if you can motivate and manage people successfully. If you’re aiming for a promotion, you might think that what you need to do is stand out. But recognizing your peers is what’s going to make you look better.


Talk to your boss

Gather all your courage and be vocal about your goal to be promoted. Talk to your boss. Explain why you want a promotion and what makes you deserving of a higher position. Your boss can help you stay competitive and automatically have you in mind if a new promotion opportunity arises.

You don’t have to say that you want a promotion straightforwardly. Ask your boss what it takes to be promoted as you’re thinking of applying for one. Who knows, your boss might even be your much-needed mentor so you can succeed in your career.

Contribute to the company

In general, the bottom line of promoting employees is finding someone who can contribute more to the company. You will have a more advantageous position if you can show that you can help the company save money or have more sales.

Observe promoted employees

The best way to improve yourself is by asking promoted employees how they did it. Ask for recommendations, advice, and suggestions. If you need to attend seminars, do it. Learn from the experience and expand your knowledge more.

Be stronger

You are not the only employee that’s aiming for a promotion. Often, at least two to three employees need to compete for one promotion, putting you in stressful situations. Be strong. Know that promotions aren’t always for everyone. And if you don’t get the position now, there’s always the next time.

Create value in everything you do

Being valuable doesn’t mean that you have to be dominant all the time. Be genuine in your intentions. For example, help your co-workers when their struggling. Give them a chance to speak out and be ready to listen to their concerns. When your co-workers see that you’re one with them, they will find you a valuable colleague they can rely on.

If you’ve exerted so much effort and you think that you deserve a promotion, talk to your boss with confidence. Being promoted goes down to how you perform and all the other things you can contribute to the organization.

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