How Single Parents Can Discover New Careers After the Pandemic


The pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time for some of us. You may be one of many who were planning big changes this year. If you were thinking of changing careers, it might not be the best time to do that. The economy is uncertain, and employment is hard to come by. However, things will start picking back up after the pandemic, and recovery signs are already being seen. Right now, what you can do is prepare, and here are some things you can do.

Know the effect on child support

One thing that a lot of parents don’t realize is that child support can be modified. If there is any significant change in either parent’s circumstances, a judge can change the terms of child support. Whether it is an increase or decrease, it can go either way. This is not to scare you, though, but it is best to be aware of the other parent makes a request.

If it is found that your new career will have a significantly higher income than the other parent, then it is possible that they can reduce their child support. Similarly, you can request additional support if your new career will incur additional daycare expenses. However, this has to be requested before it can happen.

The court won’t make any changes unless someone asks. To get a better understanding of what could happen, make sure to ask your divorce lawyer about the rights of your former partner.

Ask for help with childcare

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After the pandemic, companies will start requiring people to go back to the office. This may be a problem for single parents. In this case, it’s important to find a good support system to help you. This can be family, friends, or neighbors. You can also tell the daycare of the school about your situation for additional assistance.

As a single parent, you have to prioritize, and sometimes it requires accepting help even if it hurts your pride. It may also be a good idea to be open with your boss or manager about the situation. Many will be understanding and let you leave when an emergency comes up. As early as now, you can start figuring out your arrangement while we’re all stuck on lockdown.

Consider remote work

Something that you can look into when starting a new career is remote work. Working from home, partially or full-time, will take a huge burden off your shoulders. Not only does it make it easier to take care of your child, but you might also find that it is both less tiring and most cost-efficient.

Remote work may not apply to all jobs, but a large portion can be done at home. When shifting to this kind of setting, it is important to have the right equipment and mindset. It can feel quite isolating to be away from coworkers, so make sure that you socialize with other people with this type of work. It can be stressful for single parents to be by themselves for long periods of time.

Learn new skills now

A big challenge for single parents is getting back to the workforce. Some parents have been forced to leave their careers, which leaves a noticeable gap in your resume. Although discrimination against single parents is illegal, this puts you at a disadvantage from those in careers. What you can do is make up for it by expanding your skills at that time.

Currently, it can be too risky to go out and get more work experience. Fortunately, the pandemic has increased the number of classes being delivered online. Now you can get full certifications and degrees without ever leaving home. This can be a huge advantage because you have the skills, and it also signals to employers that you are constantly improving. In fact, statistics found that 43 percent of people with certificates earn between $20,000 and $50,000 annually, with only 29 percent earning less than $20,000 a year.

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