How Mechanical Engineers Are Helping Society

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The job of a mechanical engineer is understandably in-demand, especially during these technologically driven times. According to the Bureau of Labor’s projection, this profession has a 4.1% employment growth between 2018 and 2028. But what exactly do mechanical engineers do that make them so sought after?

Mechanical engineering is known to be at the frontlines when developing and creating new technologies for a wide range of industries such as robotics, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, and construction. Fundamentally, as mechanical engineering continues to find ways to improve and enhance these fields, society will surely progress and develop in the fullness of time. This profession can ultimately solve society’s more significant problems through mathematics, scientific knowledge, and creativity. With their exemplary skill set and talents, there are so many ways a mechanical engineer can largely contribute to society’s enhancement.


Through mechanical engineering, medical machines and tools for assisting diagnosis and treatment are made possible. Engineers focused on the biomedical field can design and manufacture medical equipment that can save millions of lives. This equipment includes artificial organs and pacemakers to advanced robotic surgical assistance.

Medicine and technology continue to work closely together to combat life-threatening illnesses and complications. With the elaborate and extensive healthcare systems processes, technical support for training and studying healthcare can help today’s generation, as well as more generations to come.

In a hospital setting, many often overlook the role of engineers. However, they are just as instrumental in the safety of the patients. Mechanical engineering can ensure the security and safety from electrical installation to medical equipment maintenance. These instruments need to work properly and have regular maintenance to prevent unfortunate circumstances and ensure the well-being of patients and individuals involved in healthcare.

Sustainable Development

According to Brundtland in 1987, sustainable development promotes the idea that society must live and attain their needs without causing harm to the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Basically, this is seen as a means of organizing and managing society to exist and live in the long term. With the help of mechanical engineering, meeting this goal is not impossible.

Growth is imperative for the country’s overall development, and a country can reach this through production by sustainable means. Sustainability in engineering can minimize threats and maximize opportunities as times change. Because of this, governments can save more money, time, and effort. UNESCO talks about sustainable development as the process of utilizing resources without compromising or depleting the environment. As a result, it can create designs and tools to bring about social benefits and solutions for environmental problems.

Robotics Technology

In the field of technology, mechanical engineering contributes by designing and developing technological and mechanical devices. These devices include major inventions like industrial robots, medical robots, space rovers, and more to even minor projects like control systems, customized PCBs, disk drives, and so much more. As of 2020, there are about 12 million robotic units worldwide, and the robotics industry is still growing today. Robotics have contributed to research and development for the benefit of the present society and the next generations.

Design and Infrastructure

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Another main concern of mechanical engineers is system design and infrastructure provision. Design and infrastructure are critical to promote and enable social change and development. The role of mechanical engineers looks into multiple aspects, such as material selection to structural integrity. Responsible design and infrastructure evenly consider issues in economic, social, and environmental elements. Through careful consideration, societies can survive with sanitation, energy, access to clean water, and industries that contribute to the economy.

Due to rapid globalization, economies all over the world are quickly changing along with society. Mechanical engineering can help humanity catch up with the economy by adapting to the challenges and demands of survival through sustainable infrastructures. Energy production, health, education, telecommunication, transportation, water infrastructures, bridges, and highways are all made possible. These are essential for human society to continue functioning and residing on our planet.

To conclude, mechanical engineering carries an abundance of benefits for society. With their years of study and practice, mechanical engineers can effectively end the unrestrained usage of resources since they can improve and optimize efficiency. No matter how easy it is to fail to notice how much mechanical engineers put into their work, it is still true that this field plays a huge role in society and its development. Moreover, mechanical engineering enables a country to build and generate tools that can contribute to the betterment of the world, lessen human effort, and make work easier for every individual.

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