How Can You Keep Up with the Workload in a Pandemic?

workload concept

Are the dark circles around your eyes getting darker? Do you have enough sleep every night? Or do you feel the creeping anxiety every time you get a message or an email from your clients? If you feel none of these and are in perfect shape, it’s great for you! Because most people, especially in the sales division, are struggling with their new client’s behavior.

The Changing Behavior

Suddenly, COVID-19 came and brought unexpected events that managed to change people’s way of living. It forces people to change their habits, from relying on traditional ways and refusing to learn about using technology, and now to become a tech master for the sake of virtually meeting their faraway relatives.

The same goes for the client’s behavior.

Compared to the situation before the pandemic began, there’s a demand for the clients to accelerate the communication pace between the client and the selling team. The clients want a quick response, and they’re expecting you to answer within minutes or hours, not days or even a week.

The expectation is growing rapidly. As fast as the pace accelerated, the boundaries between work and life hours also getting blurred. The clients start to demand the selling team’s response even when it’s already midnight. The shifting market towards the digital sphere will not allow you to put the ‘close’ sign peacefully. It’s as if you’re required to keep your clients updated for 24 hours.

There are more changes in the client’s behavior caused by this pandemic, and those changes bring a lot of new struggles, especially to the selling team.

Facing the New Struggles

workload concept

When there’s a change, there’s a demand for you to adapt. It would be an advantage for people who can adapt quickly. But when the changes are overwhelming and involving many people in the team, even those who have no problems in adapting might find it difficult to work with the desired pace. It’s because working in a team means no one is left behind.

As there is a shift to digital selling and even the use of e-commerce platforms, there is a lot of stuff that you have to learn to operate them smoothly. For the younger generation, it might be easier for them to keep up with the pace related to the usage of technology. But, it will most likely take more time for the older generations to master it.

For the solution, the company should provide online training in the form of video through simple platforms like YouTube or other similar platforms. Because understanding the text-based instructions will require more time, and sometimes it won’t be as effective as the video.

Other than their struggles in keeping up with technology development, one of the most challenging struggles is coordinating with your team, especially to answer the client’s questions as quickly as possible. Sometimes, there are some questions that you have to ask your team. About the progress or the availability of a product, for example.

You have to keep updated about your team’s progress, and when you’re working remotely, this might become your challenge.

You will face many changes in the way you communicate with your team and your clients. Think about how many things that you should repeatedly do: collect the questions from your clients, asking them to your team, collect the information from your team, contact your clients for the answer, clarify information from the decision-makers, and many other tasks that should be done. The amount of effort you are putting in that coordination will be overwhelming, not to mention how it requires a lot of your time. When you failed to do so, you are unable to match your client’s expectations. Then you have lost your golden opportunity.

Therefore, you need to shorten the journey. A lot of management and onboarding software will help you to make your works even more efficient and less time-consuming. Choose the perfect one to match the need of your team and your clients. Make sure it will help you to monitor your team easily and to know what your clients need.

Addressing how COVID-19 has changed the client’s behavior will certainly have numerous impacts on your workflow. The struggles to implement the new routines do not mean it’s better to stick with the past ways. Numerous solutions are adaptable, and even it can make your work easier than how it was.

When you are ready for change, it means you’re ready for a better way to do something. Adaptation is the key for you to unlock a favorable future.

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