12 Things to Remember When Hiring New Personnel in 2022


Hiring is a significant business operation that requires extensive planning. As you plan your hiring strategy for 2022, here are some facts to remember:

Global unemployment is currently 4.7% and has remained at about that level since 2023. You might think this would make it easier to find qualified staff, but the truth is that global unemployment, although lower than in decades past, is also higher than before the economic collapse of 2012.

That means that every company is now competing with everyone else—not just for new employees but also to retain those they already have. In addition, there are still plenty of people who feel as though they aren’t qualified for any job and who don’t even bother looking to see what jobs might be available.

This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s impossible to find qualified applicants. Even though many people are taking months or even years longer than they used to job-hunting, there are still plenty of bright young things out there. You may be surprised by how much talent is looking for jobs in 2022.

The best strategy is to make a compelling recruitment pitch that appeals directly to the people you want to work with. Luckily, many millennials are very tech-savvy and will be drawn in by a dynamic social media campaign.

1. Many people are qualified for the job

When you have your post ready, state that many individuals are competent to perform this task, don’t just tout its benefits. This will encourage more people to apply and demonstrate their confidence in their ability to succeed. It’s also good to show that you’re interested in other candidates by mentioning the benefits of this job instead of just saying how great it would be for them.

2. Keep your options open

Don’t limit yourself to traditional job boards when searching for qualified personnel. There are many recruiting platforms online these days. Many millennials will only apply if they know about the opening through their social network or see it on a tech-savvy site like Facebook or Twitter.

3. Be honest about what you’re looking for

It’s good to show that you’ve done your research by mentioning what other companies the applicant has worked for or colleges they attended. But don’t stop with that. If you’re looking for a candidate with a specific skill set, say so.

People will appreciate the transparency and be more likely to apply if they feel like they have what it takes.

4. Don’t forget about transferable skills

Although many applicants may not have precisely the right experience for your position, most of them will have transferable skills that can apply to this job. These are usually skills from jobs they have had in the past, but even things like volunteer experience can count–it all depends on what you’re looking for.

5. Make them feel special

Even if you don’t want to create a sense of entitlement by saying so outright, many potential employees will feel better about applying if you let them know they stand out from the crowd. You may do this by pointing out elements of their resume or credentials that match your requirements, as well as making sure to emphasize any additional expertise that could be useful in working for you.

6. Speaking of qualified, be prepared for a lot of applicants

The people of 2022 are more qualified and educated than ever before and will undoubtedly rise to meet your expectations. Prepare to sort through lots of applications and resumes.

7. Keep an open mind about whom you hire

Different experiences can help build diversity in your workforce. Diversity is beneficial as it helps provide more insight into solving problems.

8. Have a successful interview with your applicant by asking the right questions

Make sure you’re completely ready for this ahead of time; thoroughly investigate each applicant before hiring them into your firm. Asking about their strengths and weaknesses will help reveal important information about how they work while also showing your interest in them as a person.

9. Remember that you’re doing them a favor by hiring them

Try to leave any nerves at the door and give your applicant a great first impression of your company. Extend every offer with confidence.

10. An applicant may not be qualified or suitable for this position right now


It recommends waiting and keeping track of this potential applicant’s performance; if they continue to perform well, you may wish to consider them for your next opening.

11. Personnel turnover will happen over time, and, inevitably, some people won’t work out or leave for other opportunities

Don’t be discouraged, and remember that hiring is a process. Just make sure you have all your onboarding and information packets ready whenever you have new hires. This makes the training process a lot easier and smoother. Even if you have employee handbooks, information packets, and welcome kits, it still helps to give the onboarding process a personal touch. This way, regardless of how long or how short they may have stayed, you know that you have done your part.

12. The first impression counts the most

Your potential candidate will take their first impressions of your company very seriously, so make sure to wear your best suit and greet them confidently.

It’s time to hire people in 2022; are you ready? Remember these tips as you begin your search for new talent.

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