Health and Legal Matters: Key Aspects to Prioritize amid the Pandemic

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The global pandemic has affected people’s lives in many ways. It has posed a threat to health and life in general. As such, there are some health and legal matters one must prioritize. On a personal level, your goal is to foster your overall health and well-being. There are a few key steps you can take to do so. Also, you must be prepared and ready for any future possibility. There are a few legal actions you can take in case the pandemic causes you to perish.

Fret not, as we’ve rounded up key aspects you must prioritize in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, here are health and legal matters to consider:

Health Matters

  • Fostering self-care: Self-care is essential during this unprecedented time. It isn’t just about taking care of your physical health and protecting your body from the novel coronavirus. It’s also about fostering your mental health to avoid stress, psychological distress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. To care for yourself, be realistic about the pandemic situation, have healthy habits, as well as separate your personal and professional life. Also, establish a support system, pursue your hobbies and interests, and allow yourself to have a ‘me’ time. Ultimately, self-care will help you get by during the pandemic physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle: Having healthy habits can make a difference in your overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, it’s hard to sustain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. It takes the power of your mind and the conscious effort to do so. To take care of your physical health, eat properly, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and have regular exercises. To foster your mental health, be sure to practice mindfulness, learn breathing exercises, try meditation, regulate your digital consumption, and strive to be always positive.
  • Upholding the importance of family: Family is important, especially during the pandemic. As such, grab the opportunity to strengthen your relationships with them while you are all stuck at home. Rekindle the lost relationships by being there for each other. Be sure to take care of each other’s health as well. At the end of the day, know that your family is your source of strength.

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Legal Matters

  • Getting a healthcare surrogate: It makes sense to designate a healthcare surrogate during the pandemic. Do so, particularly if you have underlying health conditions and if you can no longer decide for yourself. As you may or may not be aware, a healthcare surrogate involves a Power of Attorney granted to make medical decisions on your behalf. It means that the designated individual will make medical care decisions in case you are incapacitated. This process of assigning a healthcare surrogate requires legal action.
  • Having life insurance: It’s a good idea to get life insurance during the pandemic. As health and life are uncertain, you must come in prepared and ready for what lies ahead. Whether it be term or permanent life insurance, your plan will protect you and your family. In the event of your death, your insurance will step in to cover your funeral expenses, burial costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. It will also financially secure your family by covering your debts, children’s education, and even their living expenses. This may not require a legal expert, but be sure to read the fine print before signing your insurance contract.
  • Writing a Will: Having your last will and testament in place is relevant during the pandemic. In fact, 32 percent of young adults have written a will due to the COVID-19 crisis. This is expected due to the threat of the COVID-19 to the health and lives of people. A will is a legal document detailing your wishes about distributing your properties, assets, and wealth after you die. It also covers the care of your minor children in case you perish. If you don’t write a will, the state will decide for you if you die. Hence, consider hiring an estate planning lawyer to help you write and secure your will.

At this point, you now know what health and legal matters to focus on during the pandemic. To foster your health and well-being, be sure to practice self-care, establish a healthy lifestyle, and uphold the value of your family. When it comes to legal matters, consider getting a healthcare surrogate, having life insurance, and writing a will. All these will help protect your health during the pandemic and even help you legally prepare for any inevitable possibility.

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