Getting Into Modeling: The Qualities Aspiring Models Must Possess

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Many people would say that a fashion model’s career is a walk in the park. All they need are good designers and stunning clothes. But what they only see is the glitz and the glamour or the icing on the cake. They do not know the hard work that these models have to give to build their success.

Modeling is a type of advertising used by the fashion industry. When a designer creates some clothes, they usually need ways to display them to everyone. The way they do it is by having fashion models wear their clothing line. Then the models will show off the clothes during a fashion show.

Models are featured on TV shows and in magazines. This is where you can read comments about a fashion model’s job being an easy task. But it is far from the truth. It is not just about wearing nice clothes and looking glamorous.

Contrary to people’s perception, not everyone can be a fashion model. This career requires a certain height, a specific body type, and some X factor. The latter is something that cannot be taught but can be developed.

Physical Attributes

Fashion models must look and present themselves a certain way. This is mainly determined by the designers and supermodels based on modeling standards. Because of this, they need to work hard to maintain an image and a body figure. This involves a strict diet, a trainer-guided workout routine, and lots of sleep. They need to keep their body in tip-top shape.

Character Traits

A fashion model’s schedule can be very demanding and stressful. Before and during fashion shows, they are expected to work very long hours. They need to adjust to client and organizers’ demands while keeping a professional attitude. Imagine a swimsuit pictorial that is set on the beach.

This is good to look at on Instagram. However, what you don’t know is that models spend hours under the scorching sun. Despite the uncomfortable weather, they have to smile for the camera while keeping that glamorous look—something that an ordinary person cannot pull together if not for a good character and attitude.

They are also expected to interact with different kinds of people. Every day is an opportunity to meet new people. This also includes different hairstylists, makeup artists, and photographers. So it is essential to keep an outgoing attitude, regardless of your mood. Good attitude and excellent character matter in the modeling industry.

So what are the qualities a successful model possesses?

  • Confidence

Fashion models turn heads when they enter a room. A timid woman will never make it in the industry. Although it’s normal for a woman to be nervous on the runway, a woman who can overcome that fear and nervousness will surely stand out.

Confidence will serve as a stepping stone to more public appearances, catwalks, photo shoots, and competitions to win. Eventually, that confidence will make your career a success.

You will be one of the most sought-after in the industry. Full-service advertising agencies will feature you, and your face will be on the covers of prestigious fashion magazines and huge billboards.

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  • Determination

In any challenge, a heart that does not give up always wins. And in the challenging world of fashion modeling, determination is one of the keys to success. Keep in mind that this is an industry where someone is taller, prettier, and more intelligent. Someone will always be better than you. Someone will always have better chances.

It is almost certain that you will experience rejections. But what will separate the best from the average is determination. That kind of character will serve as your fighting chance. All you need is to stay hopeful and determined.

  • Hard Work

Contrary to the notion that fashion modeling is just a walk in the park, this job requires hard work. This is not a 9-to-5 job. Depending on client demand, you must expect to wake up early and work until the wee hours.

There will be trips to different places, hotel bookings, endless photo shoots, and rehearsals to attend. You will live in a suitcase for days, weeks, or even months. Most importantly, you need to be efficient in doing it while you keep your beauty and elegance. By then, you will know that working a 9-to-5 job is way easier than being a fashion model.

There are many other things to know about the tricks and trades of the modeling industry. For many, the London and New York Fashion Week sounds like an awesome event. But for fashion models, this is the most exhausting and stressful event. That means many runway shows, multiple clothes to wear, and different designers to please.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the three characteristics discussed, the bottom line is passion. Passion is what will motivate you to have the kind of character you need to succeed. Passion is what will make you stand out among the million ladies who want to become the next supermodel.

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