Civic Engagement in Youth: Future Generations Building a Stronger Community


To maintain the resiliency of a community, there needs to be active involvement in its development. The youth plays a crucial role in securing the future of the neighborhood as they will be responsible for creating and maintaining programs that help the area progress. Fortunately, schools teach children about their duties as citizens and what they can do to improve their community.

However, civic engagement in youth is being transformed by technology. You might have noticed that aspiring politicians are embracing social media and its use of interstitial advertising. Due to the known psychological effects of this form of advertising, it can be a platform that local governments can take advantage of to increase the active participation of youth.

Through conducting online campaigns, events, and workshops that catch their attention, you can expect increased participation among their age group. It will not be because they feel converted or convinced into a different perspective due to these efforts — they are already willing to participate. Awareness regarding their capacity to help and how they can take action will be the drive for the increase in civic engagement.

Information Campaign on Social Media

You probably noticed the increase in advertising all over the internet lately. But considering how most young people spend their time on their devices for hours on end, it can be an effective way to reach them with the information they need to be more aware of their community. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok are the platforms your local government can start using to be a more accessible resource. An example of content could be facilities or services that people in the area can use for free.

The community can also have its own website where they provide frequent updates on upcoming and current events in the area. This platform can be another way for people to reach them, as some people shy away from social media due to privacy concerns. Here, they can also post media about the involvement of the youth and the available opportunities for them in local governance. Incorporating an HTML5 smart media player software on the website can also be another way to showcase information about the opportunities for the youth. Publishers can place these positive ad campaigns in between videos that provide news about the community, for instance.

Volunteering At Events

As the youth becomes more aware of their roles in the community through the aforementioned information campaign, they are more likely to volunteer at events organized by the neighborhood. Highlighting their participation can encourage other young people to participate in upcoming events as it becomes more normalized. This sort of civic engagement allows them to get to know each other better, developing resiliency among the future leaders in the area.


Volunteering events can also be an opportunity to train them to approach their fellow citizens and their decorum. For instance, when a young person approaches you on behalf of the community, you want them to be cordial and helpful. Volunteer leaders can also teach new volunteers about what they should bring when they are out and about, such as a hat, water, a towel, a pen, and some paper. This results in a level of preparedness that is useful in case of emergencies. It also emphasizes the need for proactivity during civic engagement.

Developing Programs For The Community

Conducting workshops to teach the youth about the framework local governments follow can help them develop programs for the community. It provides them with the perspective they need to have adequate solutions to any issues they will face. Otherwise, without the insights of previously elected officials and administrative workers in their government, they might come into their positions in the dark. Being unaware of the nuances can make it difficult for them to have comprehensive programs for their area, possibly excluding some fellow citizens from their benefits.

In addition, workshops can also provide the youth with insights into how their government currently works to provide services for them. It can lead to an appreciation for their hard work, as well as a sense of belonging and responsibility to return the favor. This can further encourage active involvement in community drives, events, and any other situation where manpower is required.

These are just some ways your local government can improve their engagement of the youth in your area. There are even organizations that offer grants and awards to help encourage more participation from younger members of a community. It is important to recognize their capacity to further improve upon the current state of the neighborhood.

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