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It can get confusing for anyone to choose a degree that they would want to spend the next few years of their lives studying, which would also determine their future careers. Some students already know what they want when they reach college, but some are pressured into choosing a degree they are half-hearted about as they do not know yet what they would want to do for the rest of their lives.

College Degrees That Should Be On Your Radar

Many people would just give advice ranging from following your heart or your dreams, but some students just haven’t made any solid decisions yet. While it may be a difficult process for them, some degrees are worth considering as they would secure you in-demand jobs right after graduation. These degrees would guarantee that you get a quality education while learning some necessary life skills and earning a promising future.

  1. Healthcare or Health Science

It’s not surprising that healthcare is one of the most vital degrees, especially as there is an ongoing health crisis and an increasingly aging population. If you decide to take a degree in healthcare, you will learn many essential health-related and medical techniques, from IV transfusion therapy to life-saving operations. Additionally, you will have a wide range of choices of jobs and professions that will be available to you once you graduate with a healthcare degree. You can work as a nurse, midwife, doctor, physician, therapist, pathologist, medical services manager, and many more.

The demand for healthcare-related occupations will be at 16% from 2020 until 2030, which is considerably faster than average growth. This figure means that your future will be secured with a job and proper living wage after graduating and getting your license.

  1. Computer Science

Since technology use is more prevalent nowadays in a tech-savvy generation, it is only natural that computer science degrees are available everywhere. Studying this degree would teach you programming languages, cybersecurity, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer networks, and more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for computer science-related occupations will grow by 22% from 2020 to 2030. When it comes to jobs, you would be able to work as a computer programmer, software developer, information security analyst, and computer system administrator. Of course, there will be more kinds of jobs relevant to this degree in the future as technology keeps on evolving.

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  1. Marketing

Marketing is essential as any business requires marketing and someone with the skills and talent in successfully planning and carrying out marketing campaigns. Of course, marketing has changed in the last few years as technology takes over every aspect of the business industry. This change means that you would need to specialize in digital marketing, which is a growing industry that most businesses are incorporating in their campaigns.

The growing demand for digital marketing will continue increasing and will have a 10% growth by 2026. It goes without saying that a degree in digital marketing will give you a wide range of choices when you’re looking for a job in the future.

  1. Accounting

Studying accounting in college will allow any student to take a path that will lead to a future in the business and finance industries. Most corporations, businesses, and government agencies need accountants to help them manage the financial parts of their companies. Their work involves creating financial reports, reviewing income and expenses, preparing documents about taxes and other financial-related matters.

Data shows that accounting jobs will continue growing in the next ten years with a total of 7% growth. So, if you’re good at numbers and you think you can handle working on documents related to them every day while you’re employed, then this is the perfect degree for you.

  1. Psychology

More people are starting to realize the importance of mental healthcare in recent years. This change in people’s attitudes towards mental health has prompted a growth in people seeking counseling services. From 2020 to 2030, there is also a projected 8% growth for occupations in the psychology industry.

You could work as a case manager, child psychologist, child care worker, clinical psychologist, and human resources specialist when it comes to jobs. Psychology is a broad field which means you would have a wide variety of options when looking for a job in the future.

While following your dreams is the advice that is still the most suitable when you’re about to choose a degree, you could also consider being practical, especially if you haven’t yet made any plans for your future.

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