Career Pathways: Teaching Low-income Communities Modern Digital Skills

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Have you always wanted to make a difference? Do you want to teach lower-income communities to earn a living? The truth is that not many people realize that for society to progress, they must help lower-income communities and neighborhoods to find better jobs and access quality education. The more that these communities are empowered, the more beneficial they will be to businesses. And the more businesses are growing, the better the economy will be. The better the economy can be, the more social benefits will trickle down to people. It’s a cycle and one that we must all help to run.

Technology will play a significant role in opening opportunities for these communities. With access to the internet, everything is possible. They can apply to jobs from halfway around the world. In turn, these companies are also looking for employees who can contribute to their business. It’s a win-win situation.

Outsourcing employees from different parts of the country and the world was not always the norm for businesses. In the past, hiring managers may even decide not to hire candidates because they live on the other end of the city. It was not strange to hear stories like this because living far from one’s workplace is often the cause of increased absenteeism, studies found.

Then finally, remote work and virtual learning were introduced. These weren’t born from the pandemic. These were being done before the novel coronavirus decided to turn everything upside down. It first started with outsourcing content writing, and then companies realized how convenient it was that they also decided to outsource writing services for product descriptions, reviews, and testimonials.

Writing Skills

You don’t need to write like Ernest Hemingway to earn from your writing skills. Simple writing skills are all you need to create engaging posts, memes, reactions, and social media comments. Responding to inquiries on social media can also be a money-making venture. But if you want to go the extra mile, teach out-of-school-youth and other members of these lower-income neighborhoods how to write quality SEO articles. They can earn a living by writing blog content and producing marketing videos.


Internet marketing is a need right now. Companies are hiring marketers left and right. They need them to produce marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness, launch new lines of products and services, and so much more. There is no limit to what marketers can do on the internet. If you have a bit of skill in this, teach communities how to use social media to earn a living. They can take over the management of social media pages and get paid for that.

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Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants do what most executive secretaries do. They take care of emails, schedules, and project management. Sometimes, they also have to respond to inquiries and comments on social media. They can do both the work of a VA and that of a social media marketer. VAs earn a significant amount of money that most of those who started doing this on the side went full-time eventually.

Arts and Crafts

You will be surprised how talented people can become. Members of these low-income communities may have untapped talents. They may have the ability to produce amazing artwork, for example, but they don’t know how to market their work. Online marketplaces like Etsy exist for this reason, but not many of these communities know how to use these platforms to amplify their work. You can be that person who educates them about it.

Graphic Design

Every company in the world is looking for a graphic designer who can churn out fantastic artwork for their websites. Find people who have the talent to create what these companies need and teach them how to market themselves and their work. Most of the time, all they need is a little push in the right direction for them to access people who may be interested in buying these pieces of art from them.

Resume Writing

A large number of people don’t know how to market themselves through a resume. That’s what a resume is for—it’s a document that sells your background, experiences, and education. If you know how to create a resume that focuses more on one’s skills and contributions than their educational background, you can then help these people make themselves appealing to potential employers.

Technology brought a lot of changes to society, so much so in fact that many people believe it is taking away vital jobs from workers. It does not. While it does make some jobs obsolete, it also opens a whole new world of opportunities. Anyone with a smartphone or laptop right now can earn $10 or more by writing one-page blog content. Technology allows even those in 8th grade to earn from their reviews and testimonials, so why shouldn’t those from lower-income communities get a slice of that pie?

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