Career Advancement During Pregnancy: Is It Possible?

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Most people would say that getting pregnant is a sure way to kill your career goals. Far too many women gave up their careers after having their babies. It is uncommon to feel anxious about getting pregnant especially if you are expecting a promotion soon. You are now torn between deciding what’s best for your family and your career. But is it possible to accelerate your career during pregnancy?

The simple answer is yes. The journey won’t be easy, that’s for sure. But women are patient, powerful, and capable of making things happen.

If you can manage your career effectively while pregnant, you can do more than simply increase your chances of returning to your recent post. You can even use this time to let your company know how much they need you and why you deserve a better position.

There are many things you can do so that your pregnancy won’t get in your way for getting that raise or promotion. Think of your growing bump as your lucky charm and invest in the right career-building strategies. Here’s how:

First, Take Good Care of Yourself

Some pregnancies are harder than others. You need to consider your and your baby’s health before anything else. If you really want to accelerate in your career and working won’t have a bad effect on your pregnancy, then you should make self-care a priority for both your pregnancy and career’s sake.

Eat healthy meals on time and make time for regular exercise. Don’t allow yourself to sit all day just because you are tired. You can actually feel better by walking and stretching while you work.

Don’t forget about your doctor’s appointments. As much as possible, work on your schedule so you can have enough time to see your gynecologist without interrupting work. Don’t forget about your prenatal iron pills or supplements, folic acid, calcium, Vitamin C, iodine, and DHA.

Take Charge by Staying Proactive

People make so many assumptions about pregnant working women. This is even if you are still perfectly capable of attending a conference, leading a project, or managing a growing team. This is one reason why many women fail to position themselves as valuable members of their company.

What you need to do is to be deliberate, speak your mind, and repeatedly let them know what you are still capable of doing. Stay motivated, set realistic goals, and show them how to do things the best way. Seek feedback, provide feedback in return, and show your consistency and persistence.

As much as possible, be vocal about the projects you are confident you can efficiently work on. This can be anywhere from representing your team at the next conference to taking on a huge project with a big client. Be clear, be tenacious, and goal-driven.


Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Your Future

Many people think women will be less focused after giving birth. They believe they will be less efficient and devoted because they now have a baby to take care of. If you don’t share your plans and eagerness to advance in your career after pregnancy, then you pretty much confirmed their assumptions.

So, make it a point to talk to your manager about how you plan on continue working for the company. Discuss future roles you wish to take and why you deserve the raise or promotion. Talk about your initiatives and how you can continue to be an asset even if you are nearing your maternity leave.

Create a plan on how and who will take charge of tasks you are supposed to get done while on leave. You want to make sure you have someone you can rely on to manage important tasks and update you of important happenings inside the company while you’re away.

Choose to Under-commit and Overdeliver

Many pregnant women become so desperate to impress their boss that they try to take in more work before going on maternity leave. But not only will this put unnecessary pressure on you. This can also harm you and your baby in the process.

Now is not the time to work harder. Your best bet is to work smarter by under-committing and overdelivering. Find ways to make a stronger impression and exceed their expectations even if you are pregnant or are currently on maternity leave.

For example, you are part of a newly launched project while on leave. Instead of simply answering their calls and emails, organize scheduled conferences so you can help the time on time. This frees you up from countless emails while showing them that you are still updated, reliable, and very much ready to take in bigger roles once you get back.

Women should not let their pregnancies stop them from advancing in their careers. If your game plan is to continue working and take in a higher position after giving birth, then go ahead and use these tips as your guide. It will be hard at first, considering you have your bundle of joy needing your constant love and care. But you can make it happen if you put your mind to it.

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