Can Visiting a Medical Spa be Beneficial?

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Medical spas blend a pampering spa experience and medical procedures that are aimed to uplift the spirit while providing cosmetic and mental health treatments. For these two worlds to come together, a medical spa needs to operate under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Often they hire healthcare marketing consultants to promote their services to their target audience. They usually ensure that their services are safe, efficient, and medically viable.

If you have not been to a medical spa, here are some of the most common questions you need to ask.

Medical Spas vs Day Spas: What’s the Difference?

Aesthetic treatments within regular day spas will simply involve fruit peels, mud baths and therapeutic massages. In a medical spa, the order of business is different when offering medical beautifying treatments. Whether you are getting a facial or Botox, the procedures involved are bound to be more intense and varied. They explore not only cosmetic treatments but also minor surgical options. Consequently, the results achieved will be more noticeable and lasting.

What Services Can I Expect from a Medical Spa?

You can access a vast range of services within a medical spa. Often they offer all sorts of aesthetic procedures that do not involve surgery. These include BBL corrective, cool-sculpting, dermabrasion, dermal fillers, dermaplaning, hair replacement, and even laser hair removal. Some even offer laser vaginal rejuvenation to certain patients.

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Do Medical Spas Offer Alternative Treatments?

Most medical spas often combine western medical treatment and complementary alternative treatments. Some offer chiropractic procedures and even acupuncture, but more often they include mineral soaks, diet improvements, and even yoga and meditation. Not all medical spas offer alternative medicine, so it’s best to check which one provides the best combination for you.

Are Medical Spas Safe?

Board-certified physicians operate medical spas. While the esthetician may perform various procedures, the doctor will be on-site to ensure that the services offered are medically safe. Because such establishments provide medical services, then they often have medical malpractice policies. The physician involved is also highly likely going to have admitting privileges at various local hospitals. This will hence ensure that allergies and other unexpected reactions are promptly addressed.

There are measures that you could take to ensure that you find the best medical spa for you. Do your homework and interview various professionals before you book any appointments. You must also make sure that the establishment you choose is a medical facility that offers spa services and not a day spa that offers medical spa services, as there could be a big difference in the kind of services you will receive.

You can take care of your mind and body without going to a hospital. A medical spa could give you the kind of treatment you need especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures. But you need to make sure that your spa that offers these treatments is operated by a certified physician, so you know that your health will not be on the line. Ask these questions, explore their offices, and ask questions about your treatment so you will find the best medical spa for you.

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