Be Ready to Teach Your First Graders When School Starts

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Becoming a teacher is an ambition for many young people with big dreams about shaping the minds of the next generation. It is an admirable goal, but it can also be difficult. You might not think it, but teaching a class, even those that have small children, can be very intimidating. If you are planning to teach first graders, here are some useful tips that should make the experience much easier for you.

Talk with the Parents

It is best to go in with full preparations when teaching a class. One of these preparations is that you have to talk to the parents. It may seem a bit like sucking up, but there are children who have serious issues that need looking after. Don’t bend over backward to meet their demands, though. Just ask for general impressions of the kids: what they like, what they are interested in, and if there are special needs that can affect their ability to learn. Knowing this beforehand can allow you to prepare for it.

Have Supplies Handy

In the first grade, it is always better to have your students learn by doing. But just giving them a blanks piece of paper and letting them go wild can be a bit chaotic. It will be easier if you have prepared worksheets. You don’t even have to make them. For example, it is easy to find free 1st-grade writing worksheets on online platforms such as Studentreasures Publishing. Download some of these and use them as handouts when you need a writing activity.

Organize the Classroom


Before the class, take some time to fix up the classroom. Make sure that the items are in their right places like colored pens, watercolors, and other supplies. It would be good if you had some space for your students to do their activities. Don’t try to make an adult classroom, though. First graders are still transitioning from being young children to more serious students. Give them the freedom that they expect but also start introducing in some classroom organization.

Plan Your Activities for the First Week

Your first week is going to be important. This is where your students start to get to know each other and you. This is why you should organize several ice-breaking activities in the first week to facilitate this. It makes your kids more comfortable with you and each other. These fun games will ease the nervousness that many new students feel and help them be ready for the rest of the school year. Try to have several activities lined up. Don’t worry about going overboard since it is better to have excess activities that don’t happen instead of having a blank time.

Names Are Important

The names of your students are important, and knowing all of them gives them equal importance. Make name tags and name art so that you have some reminders about them. Plus, you can have better connections with each other when you know each other’s names.

Give Them a Memorable Experience

Children remember the lessons that you teach them for a lifetime. The above advice can help ensure that your lessons will be useful to your students for a long time. Besides that, it will also make you successful as a teacher, being able to touch the hearts and minds of young charges.

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