6 Ways to Protect Your Property and Assets From Civil Unrest

Protect Your Property and Assets

Civil unrest or disturbance can create different challenges for everyone, and anyone can face the risk of having their properties or assets vandalized, stolen, or damaged. It’s best to take extra precautionary measures to mitigate any of these from happening to your business or home during your town experiences civil disturbances.

To help you protect everything you’ve worked so hard for, here are six ways you can keep your assets and properties protected in these tough situations.

Install Alarm Systems

Thanks to technology, protecting homes and businesses has never been easier. Installing security and alarm systems in your commercial or residential properties can help you detect intrusion, prevent unauthorized entry, and contact law enforcement instantly.

Here are some of the best alarm systems you can incorporate to your property, ensuring your safety during riots:

Electric Current Alarm System

This is a basic monitoring tool that allows you to monitor all entry points in your property, and releases a continuous and loud beeping sound when its circuits get disrupted, indicating an intruder.

Wireless Alarm System

This modern security equipment lets you use control panels and a series of sensors to detect intruders and warn you through your mobile phone.

Change Doors and Gates

Changing your doors and gates when you’re experiencing an uncivil disturbance in your area is one of the first security measures you should do as they’re the main entry point of your properties. Consider replacing your doors or gates with wrought iron or aluminum for maximum durability and protection.

CCTV Camera

Install Camera Surveillance

If your business or home doesn’t already have existing security cameras, it pays to have a couple installed immediately, or if you already have ones securing your properties, add more. These tools can deter crime, prevent vandalism, and allow you to monitor your properties remotely. It can also help you identify potential looters or rioters invading your home or business, assisting authorities to pinpoint the criminals fast, serving you immediate justice.

Update Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a specialty policy that provides coverage for damages and losses caused by fire. It’s wise to update this particular insurance policy during uncivil disturbances. Most rioters tend to do unexpected actions that can result in less-than-ideal situations, such as your property burning down to the ground. Additional fire coverage lets you ensure all costs regarding replacement, repair, and reconstruction of your property are covered.

Get More Property Insurance

Besides fire insurance, your business or personal property and assets may also get damaged during riots. That’s why it’s wise to add more coverage to your property insurance to have more funds to cover damages or losses of your property caused by theft or vandalism.

Hire Guards

If you have money to spare, hiring trained, experienced and professional guards are the best way you can go around town without worrying about your safety. They can protect you by deescalating threats swiftly, keeping you, your properties, and other assets safe. Additionally, if you’re well-known in your community or are part of a political party that not many residents in your area agree with, besides yourself, protecting your kids is also ideal. You can do this by hiring separate bodyguards for them.

Rioters and looters don’t have a specific target during civil unrest, and anyone can be in danger, from small businesses, large enterprises, to humble homes. To protect your valued assets and properties during this unideal situation, follow any of the methods mentioned for optimum safety and protection.

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