5 Hot Careers to Land in 2021 and Beyond

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The global pandemic is restructuring the economy, business, travel, lifestyle, and every other aspect of human society. The scourge of COVID-19 has also highlighted the importance of certain professions or lines of work that were proven to be critical to the safety, security, and well-being of people during public health emergencies. These occupations will be in high demand as the USA and the rest of the world try to regain balance and begin to recover by 2021 and beyond. Also included below is the median annual income based on the 2019 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Law Practitioner

Many businesses, some of which have been in operation for many decades, sadly crumbled when the quarantine began and commerce suddenly came to a grinding halt. Millions of jobs were lost in the months that followed after the government restrictions forced people to stay at home, and workplaces were shutdown. Soon, the housing industry will begin to show the cumulative impact of unemployment, which will contribute to missed mortgage payments and loan default.

Businesses, especially start-ups and mom-and-pop stores, need to consult a small business attorney who can represent them in labor mediation meetings, bank loan negotiations, credit card debt lawsuits, and other activities that require legal advice. The services of a counselor will be highly needed to help people know their rights and available remedies under the law if their business falls into hard times or if they are unlawfully dismissed from a job.

Lawyers have an annual median income of $71,550 and excellent career opportunities as a self-employed legal professional with a small firm, a lawyer job in a state or federal agency, or a corporate legal practice that offers a significantly higher compensation.


The COVID-19 pandemic had put a spotlight on the critical and heroic role of nursing practitioners in caring for severely infected patients. As frontliners in the war against COVID-19, they also have a very high risk of being infected by the virus. Despite the inherent dangers of their chosen profession, they bravely report to the hospital and other health care facilities to assist in the provision of health care services. Soon, they will be at the forefront of mass vaccinations once the different vaccines being developed to counter the novel coronavirus pass all stages of development and get approval for public use. A nurse today receives a median annual salary of $73,300.

Software Developer

man working from homeExperts in software development and other aspects of information technology will also be in-demand, especially in the healthcare sector. Case tracking, data integration and analytics, and database management are some vital applications that need to be developed and upgraded by these computer professionals in support of the fight against the pandemic. Developers will also play a central role in designing bioinformatics software, which is an indispensable tool in the development of coronavirus vaccines. Outside the healthcare industry, developers will also be necessary for many industries that will shift their focus to the e-commerce space. A developer gets paid a median of $107,510 each year.

Finance Manager

A finance manager will also be in-demand to help people with their money as much as people need doctors for their health. Indeed, millions of people worry about their financial health as the U.S. economy and the world economic system are unstable. From high net worth individuals down to the working-class people, everybody needs the advice of finance experts so that they would know where to put their savings or how they can make good investments. Many will also need information about mortgage refinancing, loan restructuring, and other financial mechanisms that will help them recover from bankruptcy or perhaps make strategic positions on investment vehicles that have remained stable during the pandemic. A finance manager makes an annual median income of $129,890.


All kinds of physicians and surgeons will remain in-demand as they have been throughout human history. The task of ensuring human survival during a pandemic as well times of war falls on the shoulders of medical practitioners, with the support of allied health members such as nurses, medical technologists, dietitians, physical therapists, among others. The high recovery rate of COVID-19 patients, without a shadow of a doubt, is directly related to the diligence, professionalism, and genuine care exhibited by these doctors. These modern-day lifesavers are paid at an annual median income of $203,450.

This is only a sampling of essential jobs that will be needed in the U.S. and other countries by 2021 and beyond as the world tries to survive and enter a new post-pandemic era. Additional occupations will also be required since the economy is so enormous and complex that it takes an army of different professionals, workers, and specialists to make it work. By looking at this list, one will indeed realize that opportunities appear even in the middle of a crisis.

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